Gadgets That Can Help You To Drive

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Gadgets That Can Help You To Drive – Technology advancements have had a major impact on various fields, and the motor industry is no exception. The innovations have impacted this industry by enhancing safety, security, entertainment, and customer service.

Some technological advancements, like the EyeRide TV for buses, have revolutionized the passengers’ entertainment, making them enjoy each minute of their commute. Other gadgets, like Wi-Fi routers, enable passengers to have access to the Internet, so they can do their work as they travel, watch their favorite videos, and listen to music.

Here are some gadgets you should consider having, as they can help you drive better:

Black box

This gizmo can fit into your vehicle to track how well you drive. The black box can measure the speed at which you are driving, the extent of acceleration and deceleration, how smoothly you break, and the manner in which you turn around corners.

There are tons of benefits that you stand to enjoy from installing a black box. For example, the insurance companies can use it to determine how risky a driver is, and thus charge them for their annual insurance premiums that match the risk.

This means that if you are a responsible and safe driver who observes the speed limit, you can cut your insurance payments by installing a black box.

Also, the black box can help you improve on your driving behavior and thus save fuel costs and vehicle maintenance costs, not to mention protecting the environment from carbon emissions.


A dashcam, or a dashboard camera, is a device that fits perfectly onto your car windshield and records what is seen through the windscreen. Dashcams help to put matters to rest during accidents in which it is hard to identify or prove who was in the wrong.

The insurer may use the footage from the dashcam to determine who was liable and protect your claims discount (if you were not in the wrong).

Also, they help to minimize insurance scams when, on rare occasions, a pedestrian or other driver may be injured in a crash and will make every effort to claim damages from your insurance. Dashcam footages come in handy on such occasions to prove if the injury was sustained during that accident.

Satellite navigation

Gone are the days when people used to drive or travel to places with paper maps, as nowadays, one has to make use of Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav) to travel anywhere without fear of getting lost. Although the satellite navigations may make us overly dependent on our gadgets, they are quite useful.

They allow you to get from one place to another without getting lost, as well as give you an idea of how long the journey is, so you can plan your trip well.

Also, they make timing adjustments when you are about to get caught in a traffic jam, and they give a good estimate of how long it may last. Additionally, the Sat Nav will redirect you if there is a better route, thus avoiding the jam and unnecessary carbon emission.

Electronic key finder

It is not uncommon to misplace car keys and waste a lot of valuable time trying to trace them without much success. An electronic key finder is your savior if you have a high tendency to misplace your keys, whether they be for your car, your house, or anything else.

The electronic key finders come with a convenient GPS fob, which you can fasten to the keys, making it easy to trace the fob from your smartphone with the use of the corresponding app.


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