tunnel guru picTunnel guru a Vpn service application that provides Fast HTTP(S) Tunnel , VPN Tunnel Proxy. ICMP Tunnel,DNS Tunnel ,Web Proxy and also Bypass Restrictive Firewall with Full Blown Speed, Secure/Hide your Internet presence.

Tunnel guru vpn service is currently giving out free 10GB to everyone. Below are the criteria to qualify for the free 10GB.

  • Your facebook profile must have valid Email ID.
  • Your facebook profile must have Minimum 75 Friends (Publicly visible)

How To Get 10GB From Tunnel Guru

Simply follow the steps below:

See screenshots below:

Tunnel GuruTunnel GTunnel Guruuu

  • Tunnel GuruurAfter completing all that’s necessary, you will get a Thank You message on the next page that will be displayed.
  • Separate New TunnelGuru UserID password will be sent to your FB Email ID within 24-36 hours.

Tg mail

NOTE: Make sure your Facebook email address is functional and you have access to it. If your Facebook mail is not functional, you can edit and change the email before you allow tunnel guru have access to your Facebook profile.

  • You will receive two emails in almost quick successions from TunnelGuru admin upon activation of Your PROMO account

After successful completion, you will receive an email containing your 10GB promo username and password, You have 2 days + 10 GB download using **PROMO Servers ** only.( Pls redownload >>>TGv2.8.3.0<<< )

Hurry and enjoy while it last!!!

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