How To Get Any Software And Gaming Keys For Free And Resell For $50

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How To Get Any Software And Gaming Keys For Free And Resell For $50 – So first you guys should have a bit of cash, isn’t that much for me but could be a bit hassle for some of you guys to get.

Anyways first we will need anything near to 15-50$ of cash, PayPal balance works, not sure about bitcoins or any cryptocurrencies though.
You will need to find an essential selling website, in this tutorial I’m using Kingiun,

To explain better how to make money off them, I will be showing you guys how to get GeForce now for free today! Using this link: https://www.kinguin….beta-eu-na-key/

You can buy a key for about 15$; I’ll suggest you buy the kingiun buy the buyer protection with it which costs like 2$, I’ve been buying this whenever I’ve tried to get a free key.

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Now the next step you will have to do is after getting the key quickly redeeming it, make a new account and waiting about 15 minutes and going to the kingiun live chat.
You will have to have correct grammar and be professional there, don’t be just like ‘my key no work can I has a key.’

Tell the live chat that the key you bought says its already redeemed and send a screenshot of you trying to regain it again on a new account, they should give you a replacement key or refund which is done like 90% of the time, if you get a replacement just repeat all the steps and say that the newest key doesn’t work.

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Social Engineering is not something you can master in a day, you will have to be professional and not aggressive there, try to say you didn’t expect this from Kingiun/I was referred to this service by my friends, the first experience wasn’t so great, was looking to buy more stuff but the service isn’t excellent.

Thank you for going through this article so far, I hope you guys get some free keys and having a great day. This method has worked for me everytime I wanted a key, so now I’ve gotten 5 Free keys with five successful refunds.

For any questions, kindly drop a comment below.



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