Things To Be Considered Before Starting Your Event Business

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There are many reasons why special events happen every day. Some are for celebrations like weddings, education events like graduation ceremonies, commemorations and promotional ones like the fashion show.

From these examples, you can see that events range from social to business or something close to the two. The purpose of the planners of these special events is designing the venue of the event, providing transport, arranging food and the interior décor, coordinating activities, and arranging issues on accommodation. These are just a few of what planners do.

People ask for special planners’ help since they may feel inadequate with the expertise of holding such events. With the help of an independent planner, the owner of the event may feel safe knowing that things will run smoothly. So, in case you want to become one of the best planners in the market, here are a few things to know about the industry.

You don’t just wake up and ask for an event job. If you want to actualize this dream, consider getting a degree or certificate from a recognized university or other institutions in event planning and management.

After this education, ensure that you get certified by managerial authorities in your country.  When individuals or corporations are looking to hire event planners, they will always ask for a certificate to ensure that you are a professional in that field. No one wants to hire a quack to embarrass the whole event.

  • Have a target market.

Don’t be the kind of planner who kills several birds with one stone. In the event planning industry, you have to look for your passion market and specialize in it.

The question is; do you want to specialize in corporate or social events? For the corporate events, they range from business meetings, charity events, and NGOs. The main agenda of these events are raising funds towards a certain drive.

Some of these events happen once or twice per year. The common thing with most events is that they hire planners based on their experience. A starter may get locked out in such events. However, you can get smaller events that do not require prior chains of experiences.

In the social market, you will find events like weddings, birthdays, celebrations, parties, and many more. You can decide to specialize in one or all of the events. Social events will continue blooming daily.

Most people embrace the trends of holding parties for every milestone they take. In the social market, the events happen throughout the year. It is upon you to choose where your passion leads!

  • Capital.

Depending on the amount of money you have, you can decide to start managing events. The size of event planning depends on the location area of your business and whether you plan to operate in an office or work from home.

In event businesses, it doesn’t matter where you plan; all you need is your mind and a desk! It doesn’t matter on the amount of money one has. Start small but ensure to do it wholeheartedly. In the long run, you will expand your networks and hold bigger events.

  • Consider marketing and networking your event business.

There are many reasons for advertising your business. The first advantage is creating connections. If your advert falls in the hands of people who have experienced your services, they will definitely recommend you to their friends and other family members.

In addition to this, creating connections with hotel managers and people caterers gives you a chance to meet people whose services may be necessary during events.

In event businesses, the most common ways of getting new jobs are through word of mouth and networking. However, in case you don’t have people to connect you, consider advertising on social media platforms, creating a website or using print media such as local magazines.

  • Research on your event operations

Whether you decide on corporate or social events, you have to consider your working schedule. For most social events, they are known to take place in the evenings, weekends or any other national holiday.

In some regions, they have a season when events pick or fall. For most corporate events, they may take either on weekdays or weekends. As an event planner, you have to research on such critical details.

The trend in events is nevertheless very predictable. Most of these events are known to happen in the evening. However, we have an exception of parties involving children which happens during the day. In either way, you have to organize yourself and adjust to these things.


Owning an event business is very simple. All you require is the academic qualification and a new start. This job requires dedication and passion. For you to succeed in this industry, learn to listen to your clients; do what they want.

You should never give up on starting small. One day, you will become one of the best event planners to the point of searching for hotels on sale to become a fully independent event business.


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