EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.8 – Recover Your Lost Files Faster

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.8 – Recover Your Lost Files Faster – These days we are living in the innovation time, where our critical vital documents, photos, videos, and alternative files are saved in our laptop computer or PC workstation, but, because of some reasons, we tend to lose our precious data.

These occur due to Deleted, Formatted, Hard drive harm, Virus assault, OS crash or mistake, Partition misfortune,

During this period, we felt extraordinarily baffled and pissed off, because our essential files were erased. After this occurrence, we generally figure, how might we recoup(Recover) our lost information.

Everybody in any event once in their life lost their valuable information by decision or mishap. Now you wish to revive files from the bin for future use, But what do you do when you lose all your data?

In what manner will you recoup(Recover) your lost information if your windows go blank with the blue screen of death or your windows just crashed?

How are you going to recover your information should you windows get corrupt? There’s not any need to fear or getting sad and scared, Now there are numerous solutions to receive your all-important lost information back in only a couple of minutes.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.8 is here to give you the very best solution to hard disk recovery in only a couple of minutes.

EaseUS data retrieval assists a user to recoup documents from computer, mobile, tablets and from the MacBook. They provide recovery of different files such as videos, photos, files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.8

Moreover, they regain data that unintentionally lost because of the assault of a virus onto your device, the documents which lost in mobile partitioning, retrieval from recycle bin, OS cash recovery, hard disk harm, lost partition recovery, along with raw partition retrieval.

You will be able to recover all kinds of missing documents, such as photographs, files, videos, sound, emails, compressed, etc..

I found myself amazed when I noticed that I could also regain my lost documents from Lost Partition on my PC.

Free Version VS Paid Version

The great thing about using EaseUS is they offer both free variations and a paid version with complementary avenues. What is the best feature? In case you can’t purchase a paid version, you may download the free one and enjoy the excellent features.

They provide a free trial until you cover paid variation to assess how it will work and go. Both programs have the majority of the components the same, but there’s a gap in the distance they offer.

The paid version provides unlimited space while complimentary Free version gives you limited recovery space.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard presently has a new version – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.8, which can be free to download and provides you up to 2GB free data information for recovery.

Data recovery wizard 12.8 is your very best and efficient software allows you to recover lost information quickly with no hassle out of the laptop or personal computer. You can change to expert version or Mac version too.

new version 12.8
Features In New Version 12.8

This variant also provides excellent optimize options so that you can add filters depending on your choice and increase the purpose of recovery.

  • It utilizes advanced scanning technologies that scan all missing documents in minutes.
  • Improved retrieval for first file names and directory structure of missing information.
  • Optimized search function and additional filter options for more accurate retrieval.
  • Detect files quicker with new scanning technologies.


Set Up

  • After Installing the software successfully.


  • Enhanced preview service supplies greater file-type coverage. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and please pick a place in which you lose your info and begin to scan, such as Desktop, Libraries, hard disk, external storage devices.

deep scan

The first scan will probably be rapid. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard lists all of the hunted documents which are deleted only or cleaned out of the Recycle Bin.

Following the rapid scan, the deep scan begins instantly. The scan can find far more lost files completely by looking into the document indicators, while it requires patience to do your hard drive recovery.

Following the trailer or document filtering, then you can aim the monitored data and press’Recover’ button to find all you need back today. In default, you can recover up to 500MB information at no cost from EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free variant.

upgrade scan
Recover up to 500MB of recovery data

Have to restore more 1.5GB info? You need to share EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard in your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to find the extra 1.5GB information at no cost. The share alternative can be discovered in the ideal top of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard interface.


As stated by me, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a fantastic retrieval software or hard disk recovery software, since, before writing this guide, I’ve tried it in my notebook and I regained my long lost deleted documents, photographs, and inspection videos from my old 2TB hard drive.

I’ve downloaded the 2GB file to observe the validity, and I’ve succeeded in it. Many different data recovery applications enable few MBs for information retrieval beneath its free program, but also in EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, and it is going to allow 2GB of data retrieval that has many fantastic possibilities, which I discussed previously.


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