Before Starting Your Next Residential Construction Project Ask These Questions

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You are about to start a construction project. You have decided the team, but before breaking the ground, you must know everything you should regarding a residential construction project. A residential project is indeed a big project and cannot be taken lightly.

Although, the scope of the project is a massive factor in deciding the type and quality of questions to be asked, however, some quintessential ones must be requested before commencing the project.

Hiring the right contractor for a residential project is essential. It can make a huge lot of difference. Conventionally, there are things which you must ask before you hire the contractor and kick-start the next project essentially with a residential construction project management software for homeowners.

Here are the questions to be asked.

  1. 1. What is the schedule? You should be aware of the start and the finish date.
  2. Who will be present at the construction site every day? What are the responsibilities? A person or a whole team.
  3. What are the requirements for each item? Break project component by date and time.
  4. What is your strategy to protect my property? Whether it would be locked up or some other plan is in the pipeline.
  5. What is the mode of communication with me? Is it a phone call, face-to-face meeting, email or some other method of communication?
  6. What are your concerns about my project? Whether it is re-tiling or roof replacement, there is at least one tricky aspect of every job. There should be a practical strategy to resolve the issue.
  7. Are you (the contractor) ready to sign a “time and materials” contract? You must learn the cost of each part of the project including the price for the unexpected problems.
  8. What is the strategy to handle change orders? Conventionally, it should be documented, and all the changes or updates should be recorded in the project management software home construction.
  9. What is your method of confirming decisions with me? Some use spreadsheets, other calendars, and still, others use lists. Or are they using a home construction project management software? The method should work for you and must have your approval above all.
  10. How can I reach you outside the working hours? The person in charge should have no problem in sharing his personal contact information with the standard business hours contact numbers.
  11. What documentation will I get on completion? You have the right to get everything from copies of the original contract and inspection reports photos, operating manuals and the list of the subcontractors via new home construction project management software.
  12. Is he working on any other project as well? It is considerable if they are not working on any just as if they are working on too many. In the latter case, they may not provide ample time for your project.
  13. Do they mind providing a list of past residential construction projects or the clients? He should have worked with at least ten projects and be well-versed in using residential construction project management software for home.
  14. What is their strategy to deal with something unexpected? You should know who would be responsible for what.
  15. How many building permits have they gained so far in the residential construction field?
  16. Do they have workers compensation insurance? This kind of protection safeguards you against any liability occurring in the wake of an injury.
  17. What is their background? How much experience do they have in the field of a residential construction project? You would want to have someone who knows his job instead of someone who treats your project as their training ground.

Summing up

Asking these 18 questions from the contractors will assist you in hiring the right contractor for residential construction project management software for home.

These 18 questions will help you understand the various steps in a building process and guide you through to make all the right decisions. Don’t forget to read the residential construction project management software reviews before using one.


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