How To Get A Girl To Like You – Getting Your Crush’s Phone Number

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How To Get A Girl To Like You – Getting Your Crush’s Phone Number – Natural Love – Struggling to get your crush’s phone number? I know you have been struggling to get a girlfriend.

I know you don’t have the courage to speak to a girl without shitting your pants. We’re living our lives on the internet. I mean, you, not me. Don’t blame me if you lose your virginity.


This article was mainly written for the people who are struggling to make a girl like them and also communicating with women and the people who feel ashamed of asking a phone number.

Don’t worry about it, it’s a common problem for many people, and I’m here to help you out because I been there and I done that.

Never worry if the girl you’re talking to is bitchy, there are many women around with no respect. But we go for the 80% right? Let’s hop on to the method!

Change Your Mindset

If you are wondering what the word “mindset” means: “a person’s way of thinking and their opinions.” First of all, some people are too soft, or they feel ashamed of starting a conversation with a girl. I’m entirely sure that’s the most common problem that stops you from starting a conversation.

I’m sure you don’t dare to change your mindset. What do I mean with “Change your mindset”? Well,


Do you like a girl if she’s not herself? If she’s very quiet and she doesn’t know how to answer your questions accurately?

I don’t think so, and these thoughts are exactly the opposite. Be yourself and don’t let her notice you struggling to start a conversation. Remember that a girl has manners as well and she will probably join the conversation before you blink your eyes.


What happens if you don’t start a conversation? And what happens when you start a conversation? Do you see the difference already? When you don’t start a discussion, there is no chance of meeting her or knowing her better.

That means there is 0% of communication. If you start a conversation, the chance of knowing her increases instantly
because you began to communicate.

Getting Your Crush’s Phone Number

The most important part is that you have nothing to lose whether you talk to her or not. Even if she is not interested in a conversation, you will feel better after stepping up anyway. And that’s the part where you feel more confident in yourself because you had the audacity to start a conversation.

The worst case scenario is that she ignores you, is that a problem? One girl of the 7 billion people in this world that ignores you? Exactly there is no problem. There is no such a thing as “rejection.” There are plenty of people not interested in her either which would do the same.

Confidence Is Key

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without humble but reasonable confidence in your powers, you cannot be successful or happy. – Norman Vincent Peale

Now that you know how to change your mindset I will explain you everything you should know about confidence. I don’t think you like people who keep making jokes, and they never stick to the subject, and even if they hold to the subject, they also make a joke of the issue.

And that is one of the things you shouldn’t be doing if you’re in a conversation with a girl. And then we move on to the compliment part; we all like to hear compliments, but do you want to listen to compliments every 5-10 seconds? I don’t think so.

A compliment exists of a remark that expresses approval, admiration, or respect. Never give simple praise to a girl, you should go into details because there is a massive difference between providing a simple, natural compliment and going into details.

Let’s have an example:

Bad Example:

The girl you’re talking to wears sunglasses, and you tell her “You got beautiful eyes.”

Good Example:

The girl can’t stay off her hair and keeps touching it, and you tell her “You got beautiful hair.”

Do you see the difference? That’s precisely what I mean with going in details. She believes in the compliment which makes her feel comfortable. If you finally got these things under control you will have the power to gather your balls and walk to a girl you like, you talk to her, and after a 5-10 minute conversation, you ask her for her number.

NEVER randomly ask for her number without starting a conversation. If you still don’t dare to ask her number, you can take a side road by making her give her number without her paying attention.

This goes by a simple sentence at the end of your conversation: “Well, it was a pleasure talking to you, we should have more times like this, anything I can hit you up with?”.

Do you see what happens there? You literally asked her number without asking straight to the point. This is a way people use, and they usually give their phone number.

Social Media

People are seeking for girls on Social Media, and I still do this sometimes whenever I see a beautiful girl. Apparently when she lives in the same country so I can meet up with her to know her better.

But there is a trick behind it as nobody would trust a random message. And to prevent that I will be explaining you on how to approach a girl on Social Media.

If you’re not a Social Media type, then you can skip this part, but I highly advise to start with Social Media because almost all girls are using Social Media.

Personally, I have a list in my head which is: Instagram – Snapchat – WhatsApp. And if you’re using Facebook or something else instead of Instagram, put that in the first number of the list.

Now the trick what you will be doing is compliment the girl by sending her a private message. Does the girl has curls? Send her a private message with a compliment about her curls.

For Example:

“I really like these curls!”
They will probably answer you and appreciate your words. Now it’s time to make a joke. DON’T OFFEND HER WITH THE JOKE!

For Example:

“Teach me how to get these curls haha.” She starts liking your joke and laughs with you. Do you see what’s happening there? You just started a conversation with that beautiful girl.

Now the next step will be easy, remember the list I talked about? Yep, we will be asking her Snapchat. Why her Snapchat? Because girls feel more comfortable on Snapchat, they record their personal life, and they feel like talking more because it’s safer (screenshot protection).

Getting Your Crush’s Phone Number

Start a conversation on Snapchat and never ask for any pictures, videos or anything related to that. That destroys your reputation immediately, and you will be called a fuckboy within the first 5 minutes.

Make sure to stay positive in the conversation, and whenever she sends a picture/video, you can replay the picture/video to gain her attention.

After you feel like you spoke to her for some time, and you have a feeling she will give her phone number, you should ask for her number.

Don’t ask for it straight, but ask it in a way where both of you could laugh about later.

Something like: “Let’s play a game, I guess the first two numbers of your phone number, and you give me the rest.” There you go, there is a good 80% of you having her phone number! And shes already liking you.


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