How To Get Free Games On eBay – Make 500 Dollars Daily

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How To Get Free Games On eBay – After much findings from both eBay buyers and sellers which they were settling several returns over the past few months, I have concluded that anyone literarily can get anything they want on eBay for free.

You can’t get something for nothing and while that’s true in many life situations, But it is not the case at all times on eBay. The website is set up to benefit both the buyer and the seller. The buyers are given more priority and attention than the sellers.

In this article I will share tips on how to get any game for free on eBay, this trick doesn’t involve a credit card or Paypal shit. This trick is very legit and works 100%. Got lots of feedbacks from eBay buyers that this trick works always, and sad reports from sellers complaining. Here is a quote from one eBay seller below:

Yes, this happens to me weekly!! I’m tired of eBay scammers keeping the item and getting their money back.

eBay (and everywhere online) has loads of dishonest sellers and dishonest buyers. said another eBay seller.

How To Get Free Games On eBay

Kindly follow each step for better results in getting your free games on eBay. Let’s get started below:


  • The first step is opening the website or any eBay site extension depending on your country.

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  • Explore and search for “Your Game”Key: input on the eBay search bar your desired game and add the key. Example “Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 Rockstar steam Key.”


  • Now click on the link of the game


  • Buy the key with your own money (Don’t worry, you’ll get the money back)


  • Now get Code for the game.


  • You can decide to use or simply give it to someone or do whatever you want with it.


  • Open a Dispute on eBay about the game key you just bought.


  • Escalate to the Highest level and say that you did not obtain a Physical Material but a Virtual Item. You were expecting a Physical item, not a Virtual One.


  • Since eBay’s Terms of Use clearly says that virtual items are not allowed on the marketplace, they will always decide in your favor and refund you. ) wait for eBay to refund your money if they don’t wait for PayPal to refund your money.

So that’s how it Works.  (This Method Works 99.99% Of The Times)


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