How to Use Art in Your Home Like an Interior Designer

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How to Use Art in Your Home Like an Interior Designer – Finding the right art for your home can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t quite sure what would work well with your interior decoration.

There are a number of ways you can go about securing interior design artwork that is focused on being cohesive with the design of the room.

For instance, you can start with a single piece of art that you want to base your room around, or you can complete the interior decoration of the space, and then source artwork that pairs well afterwards.

Here are a few things our Décor Aid interior designers think you should keep in mind when it comes to art.

If you are having trouble deciding on art for your interior design, start by looking at inspiration. This can be as simple as scouring Pinterest for ideas of how art looks in a space, or looking through art websites at what is available and within your budget.

Notice what you are continually drawn to—the colors, shapes, styles, etc. and from there you can easily gain some interior design ideas about how to merge this type of art with a design. Price needn’t be a factor in securing great art, as there are many local artists that have a significantly lower price tag on their pieces than big name artists.

Prints, as opposed to original pieces, tend to be much lower in price and are easy to come by. Some websites sell art by independent artists for as low as $20, and have such a variety that they can inspire a number of interior design ideas for your space.

On the other hand,there’s nothing wrong with investing in a costly piece that you’ve fallen in love with. It may very well be a worthy investment, art does not depreciate in value at such a fast rate. We suggest incorporating this into your interior design heavily if you are going to make such an investment, however.

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We highly suggest choosing the space where newart will go before making any purchases for a number of reasons. You’ll want to know the exact measurements of what will fit on a particular wall, because if you buy a piece that is too big or too small, the entire interior decoration will look off.

Once you’re comfortable with a range of dimensions, you can rest assured that whatever you buy will fit within your chosen interior design artwork space. There should be an equal amount of space on either side of the piece, and be sure to take framing into consideration.

However, if you happen to make an impulsive purchase based on some of your interior design artwork ideas, be prepared to make some adjustments to your space just in case the piece does not fit.

Take notice of how your artwork willcoordinate with the rest of the room. It should fit in with the interior designstyle, have adequate wall space, and have some sort of cohesion with the restof the interior decoration, like similar colors, textures, or shapes.

A modern room should have a modern piece of art, and a traditional room should have a traditional piece of art,and so on. A mid-century modern room is made up of clean lines and simple shapes, so a simple geometric print would be the ideal interior design artwork.

And while art is surely subjective to each person’s tastes, there are somethings that mesh exceedingly well, and some that simply won’t work.

Make sure that there is a balance within theinterior design. You won’t want to include art on a wall that already hasfurniture, decor, and existing pieces surrounding it.

Additionally, you won’t want to include several pieces of art on one side of the room and none on the other. Look at it from a different perspective to see if it has balance.

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And again, don’t forget how the frame and matting will look with the style of your room. Sometimes a frame purchase made in haste does not look right with the interior design, and it is left looking out of place, despite the art working well.

A more ornate frame will look great with a traditional or luxurious room, while a minimalistic or Scandinavian home will benefit from a simple white frame with white matting.

At the end of the day, you should be sure thatyou like the pieces chosen for your interior design artwork, because you willbe the one spending time in the room. If you have a particular artist that youlike, see if you can find a way to locate an affordable print and insert itinto your interior decoration in a seamless, cohesive way.

Art speaks more than furniture, as it is able to include more components and have a meaning or purpose behind it. When coming up with interior design artwork ideas, consider if you want your art to have a purpose and give your room more of a voice, orif you just want something supplementary to the room.


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