How To Get Unlimited Free YouTube Subscribers, Views, Likes And Comments

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How To Get Unlimited Free YouTube Subscribers, Views, Likes And Comments – First Create a new YT channel and upload something small size Vid like 10-second video doesn’t matter.

Now you visit these sites below:

  • Go to and and create an account.
  • Install imacro for firefox or chrome whichever you like.
  • Then Link your newly created account to both YTmonster.

Keep in mind do not link the channel you want to boost then go to run or Exchange and open up imacro then you will see a record button on the imacro.

This is the hard part because you might do it much time to get it Perfect click on the recording and start earning credit(subscription or like to others) on ytmonster and do it only ones (wait for 5 second Click LIKE opens a new tab and loads youtube wait for 5-second click like button wait 5 seconds close the tab and click on verify wait 10 seconds)

This is for like the only record subscribe also use the same method just like the above.
After that stop the recording on imacro and save it.

Click on play and watch how it goes, if it does exactly what want loop it and you are done
if not try recording again. So now you have four imacros two from .ru and two from .net, 1 for like and 1 for sub.

Then open four different windows not tab, windows for firefox or chrome Then play the imacros on all 4 for further credit run the client new window at the same time. If everything is correct to let it run for hours, I’d recommend you sleep over it.

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I have earned 30,000 credit on .net and 200,000 credit on .ru in one night. use that credit to boost your view, subscription, like and comment with Free YouTube Subscribers.

PS after using the new YT account for a week or 2 weeks stop that account and create a new YT account.

Kindly drop your vivid comments below if you have any issues or seeking my assistance. Thank you. Have fun getting Free YouTube Subscribers.


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