How To Get $1500 From Google Adwords Company – Requires Investment

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How To Get $1500 From Google Adwords Company – Requires Investment – Hey Guys, this is the method of how to make 1500 Adwords account! I am not sure if it works anymore, I found it on my desktop today, decided to share it. I did create 2 accounts 4-5 months ago both gave me about $2000 in views.

You could try but there’s money involved, you need to invest. Try at your own risk. ONCE AGAIN, HAVEN’T TRIED RECENTLY, WORKED ABOUT 4-5 Months Ago.

How To Get $1500 From Google Adwords Company – Requires Investment

1. Buy a USA VPS on https://www.alpharac…myrack/cart.php
2. Create a google account using info from fakeadressgenerator, make sure to search up the info in your regular computer and paste the info in the VPS and make the account, that way the info isn’t saved, just a safety precaution.
3. Verify Gmail with a US number (ALWAYS NEEDED)
3. Buy the VCC:
4. When the account is created go to it will redirect automatically to Playstore, where you will have an option to add the credit card that you have bought from selly.
5. After adding the credit card, go to, create an account, skip the guide, go to setup and billing and payments and as standard the card that you added in step 4 will be there.
6. Check threshold, it should be 350$, and after 1-2 days you will automatically receive a 100$ coupon code however you don’t need to wait that long to start the first ad.
7. Create your first Campaign with the setting that you want with a budget of $1500/Day and make sure to set “Accelerated” as Ad Delivery.
8. After publishing your ad, you will have to be approved twice, once by an automatic system and another by a Google staff, so after the ad starts,.

Google will try to bill after 7 business days, when Google does that, they will get an error message from the card and it will be as an “unknown reason”, the VCC Bank is unique so it won’t return insufficient balance, Adwords will allow you about 2 more days after they figure out, which you should be able to get all the views possible with the $1500.


  • VPS is important and need to have a USA IP!
  • Use Same Zip Code for Billing as you get with VCC from the selly seller
  • No change to Campaign AFTER It’s Made, not even budget or Keyword, it will mess up the method. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


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