How To Earn Money – $300-500 Per Attempt Using Paypal

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How To Earn Money – $300-500 Per Attempt Using Paypal – Hey guys, back with another leak. Just found this on my computer. Paid for this, but it should still work as the method is simple and seem to be something that could be done now.

This was a big HF thread and people were buying this so here you go, make some bread. Good Luck.

Please note that this is a BLACKHAT Method. I hope that this method doesn’t require you to do something that you aren’t comfortable with. The requirement for the process is below.

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  • 1 Real Verified Paypal.
  • 1 Fake Stealth Verified Paypal.
  • VPN: You are required to use a VPN at ALL TIMES! FOR YOUR SAFETY!

Find the process below:

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1. The first thing you have to do is find a good hype beast and designer cloth market place for example BUMP or Grailed. You need to download both of these apps because you will need to copy product from one app to another. You have to sign up to one of those apps with your fake verified PayPal.
2. After the confirmation of the account, you will want to find a listing from one of the app and completely rip it off and post it on the other app. BUMP is good because it doesn’t require a business account, you use personal PayPal.
3. Once you have got all the screenshot that is needed, you will make your exact listing, with the info taken from the other app.

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4. Set the price lower by $50-100 from the original app, maybe search up the product to see how much It is being sold in that app (the one you are putting it on) and make it lower by 25-50.
5. Once you have your buyer, the payment should go through immediately to your Fake Stealth Verified Paypal (NO HOLD), and once you have received the money, you need to either transfer the money instantly to your real account or exchange it for bitcoin.
6. You will eventually get chargebacks, and you should expect the fake PayPal to be limited, but you can make off a few thousand before that.
7. Repeat it all with another account which I could provide an excellent seller for.

8. That’s the end.

Hope this awesome trick helps you make more money. Kindly drop your comments below for any assistance or help.


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