How to Make a Living Will Without a Lawyer With an Online Template?

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If you are looking for a way to make a living will without involving legal authorities, you are on the right website. This article will let you know about the best way to make a living will without a lawyer using an online template. 

In case you don’t need to know about it, then still it would be good if you know this information for the sake of your knowledge. So read this article until the end, and we hope you will find the answers to all your questions. 

What is a Living Will, and Why is it Important?

A living will is a legal document that tells physicians and medical caretakers what medical care you need if you cannot communicate due to an illness, accident, dementia, coma, or any other medical condition. It also helps your family to make choices about improving your life’s quality that you would agree with. 

Like it can specify if you need pain medication, to die at home or in a hospital, and when it is time to make extraordinary efforts to keep you alive. Suppose you need to have a record of your wishes in writing, not left to others’ discretion. Your loved ones will be under force and may not think about it or agree with what you want to happen. 

A living will save your family from the trouble of thinking about what they are supposed to do and protect you from receiving more medical care than you want, such as ventilator support or IV feeding for an extended period.

CocoDoc, The Best Online Template for a Living Will

Just create a living will by CocoDoc and leave your worries behind. This PDF solution is one of the best tones that users can go for in any problematic situation. There is no need to be anxious about using these forms as the language is simple, and anyone can understand the very tone of it.

Anything can happen shortly as we can’t be sure about the things that might happen anytime. So it is better to put those risky situations in a balanced form and plan from the very start, so things don’t get messy at the end of the day. 

Save yourself from unforeseeable situations and create a living will by using these multiple formats of living will templates that you can access from CocoDoc. These are the best ones and can help you secure your, your children’s, and loved ones’ future and help you make the best decisions that can put you and your family at ease in case of any troubling situations. 

How to Write a Living Will with the Help of CocoDoc’s Online Template?

The terms and conditions that one needs to follow are different from place to place. Some states have specific legal formalities that you are supposed to follow compared to some other sites with no need to follow them. 

You have two options in this regard. Either you can hire a lawyer to write your will for you, or you can download a template from any well-recognized website like CocoDoc, and get to know what you are supposed to add or remove from your last will. 

If you decide to create a living will on your own or with the help of your lawyer, you are supposed to select your recovery options in a circumstance whereby a medical event happens, including comma, dementia, incapacitation, Alzheimer, or some other severe illness to which you may be vulnerable later in life. 

After that, you’ll need to decide your medical services and other aspects of the care you need in the last days of your life and the kind of funeral you want. The most common living will forms contain a provision for a healthcare advisor to make sure that the will’s maker’s wishes are fulfilled. 

This thing is essential for a situation where the person has a chance of survival, as it lets the agent opt-out of the urge mentioned by the person in the living will. In the presence of witnesses and public notaries, the will-maker may also sign the form. Witnesses are also supposed to sign the will at the end. 

What is Included in a Living Will?

There is no doubt that a living will address multiple medical procedures in life-threatening circumstances, including dialysis, resuscitation via electric shock, and ventilation. One can think about them and let some of these procedures or none of them. 

You can also emphasize if you need to donate organs and tissues after your death. If the patient doesn’t want to take life-sustaining care, they can share their opinion to receive pain medication throughout their final hours. 

Finally, there are places where one can extend the living will to cover circumstances with no brain activity or where doctors think of them to stay unconscious for the rest of their life, even if a terminal illness or life-threatening injury isn’t there. Because these situations can happen to anyone at any age, it’s good for all adults to have a living will.

Significant Elements of a Living Will

In a living will, you are supposed to add medical and pain management options. A DNR, which means ‘do not resuscitate,’ is an order which states caregivers on if they make an effort to revive you in case your heart stops or if you stop breathing. A free-living will help in deciding all of this. 

You also need to add the terms of organ donation within the purview of a living will. If you need to donate your organs, when you’re near death, the body will be kept on medication that keeps your organs whole till the vital organs are taken out. Don’t forget to add whether or not you want to be treated for life for an infection or should it be treated and complete its course. 

If you cannot breathe on your own at the end of your life, your will can state if you will be given mechanical ventilation. Preceding a burial, you may donate your body to be utilized to further medical studies. It is a choice that should be part of the will.


Nobody can deny the significance of a living will. We hope that all the readers who needed to know about creating a living will now have a good idea of how they can create one. Just don’t forget that whether you have decided to make your living will with the help of an online template, you have read the legal terms and conditions that are being applied in your state beforehand. 

If you have done your research, then go for CocoDoc, as it is the best option that one can rely upon. You will be able to find the best template here for free and can quickly draft your will.


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