How to Make Your 120Hz or 144Hz Monitor Use Its Advertised Refresh Rate

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You should always remember one thing that using a correct monitor refresh rate can help you to improve your overall viewing experience. If you are fond of gaming, then the refresh rate is very much important. But you will have to know at first what does the refresh rate mean?

How does it affect the gaming experience? The refresh rate is the main thing for gamers while buying a monitor. You will need the 144Hz monitor and you will have to know why more hertz is always better.

What is the refresh rate?

The refresh rate of the monitor is very much important and it is the speed rate at which the monitor changes or refreshes. The faster refresh rate can give you a smooth image and you can get a clear and high-quality view. This number of changes can be measured as Hz or hertz. If you are playing a movie, it can run at just 24Hz. On the other hand, the typical PC monitor will have a refresh rate of 60 hertz. But the latest gaming displays need 144Hz or 240 Hz.

You should find out the outcomes and maintain the procedures in order to get a smooth gaming display. You can set your monitor to 14Hz. For this, you will have to do these:

  1. Check the monitor setting:

You will have to check your monitor setting in order to see if it supports the 144Hz or not. You can turn on your OSD and find out. If your monitor has this particular setting then you will have to select this and then configure. You need to check the window that is actually set at the advertised rate and not like 60 Hz.

If you have windows 10, then you should follow this process:

  • You will have to go to the Setting.
  • You will have to click on System.
  • After that, you need to click on Display.
  • After that, you should go to the Advanced Display Setting.
  • You can go to Display Adapter Properties.
  • After that, you need to open the monitor tab.
  • Below the monitor tab, you can see the button named refresh rate.
  • You can choose your preferred refresh rate from here.
  • Select the refresh rate and press Apply and then OK.
  1. Check the cables:

It is mandatory to check the cables. You will have to need a higher refresh rate such as 144Hz or higher rate. You should also know the fact that only display ports and other few Digital Visual Interface ports can easily transfer refresh rate data. You need to have the 144Hz DisplayPort Cable in order to do the process.

You need to check all the steps very cautiously. Your monitor cannot be able to show the higher refresh rate until or unless you connect your monitor to your PC. You will also need to make sure that you have a high-quality display port cable. The high-quality display port cable can provide you with good quality refresh rate and gaming experience as well.

  1. Other troubleshooting tips:

Here are more troubleshooting tips that you should follow:

  • You will have to check your computer’s GPU. You will have to check the graphics card and also check if it supports your monitor’s resolution or not.
  • You can also upgrade your graphic driver.
  • Apart from this, you need to check your native resolution. You will have to set your monitor setting to the native resolution in order to get the high-quality and best display.

If your display supports the higher refresh rate but you do not find the option, then you should re-install the latest graphic driver. The specific refresh rate can give you a clear and high-quality view. You can enjoy the overall gaming experience.

The gaming technology needs a high refresh rate. So, you should not ignore this option. You can improve your gaming experience as well. After changing the refresh rate, you can truly enjoy the overall gaming experience and high-quality technology of gaming solutions. You can find the difference as well.

You will not get the blur monitor after changing the resolution. It will give a treat to your eyes. You do not need to face any kind of trouble if you change the refresh rate.


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