How to prevent unwanted tagging on Facebook

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imageFacebook is a readily available platform for sharing pictures, comments, music, and videos. When sharing these pictures, the user may want to tag friends so that more people can view the post. This is done without considering whether the individual tagged is interested or not.

As a result of this tagging, they will receive all notifications related to the post. To prevent this, Jovago shares ideas on how you can stop unwanted tagging.

Remove tags from photo

If you are tagged by a friend in a photo that is uninteresting to you, you can remove your name from the post by clicking the photo and on the remove tag button.

Unfollow updates

There are cases where you may like the post you are tagged but you do not want to receive the notifications or updates, you can unfollow the post. This is easier because you do not need to go through the process of removing tags.

Approve posts

Facebook users cannot stop friends from tagging them. Yet, with the privacy settings, they can approve posts they are tagged in. Wondering how to do this?

Click Timeline and Tagging in privacy setting.

Then click on edit settings. A window will pop up where you will find review post friends tagged.

Once you click on the ‘edit’ icon which pops up, a drop down menu will show the default setting as disable.  You need to enable the setting so that you can approve any posts you are tagged.


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