How To UnRoot Any Android Device

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unrootingThe true calling of  an android devices lies in its power of unlimited customization and third-party modification of system files, The android device is open to all kinds of custom development activities that suits your every need by tweaking unlimited, But it all ends when you decided to revert back to the default custom settings by Unrooting.

This article is mainly to show you guys how you can unroot your android device with both using the kingroot and superuser applications. Most of us got different reasons for wanting to unroot the android device.

Below are main reasons why most android users want to unroot their Android device.

  • An application is having negative effects on your device and causing all sorts of problems.
  • Unrooting your device may be because you want to receive system software updates via OTA ,Once your device is rooted this won’t occur because the system has detected that your device has been modified through rooting.
  • To restore your device warranty in case the device developed some issues or the screen is broken, while your warranty is still very valid you can go to where you bought the device and request for a fix.
  • To avoid your device getting bricked while trying to perform an OTA software update

Also there are benefits of rooting which is stated below:

Gaining full root access to your Android device can be thrilling and interesting, especially if you want to customize your device settings and tweak it to your satisfaction.

The main potential benefits of rooting your android device includes:

  • Improved battery life, root-only apps, custom ROMs, overclocking, an end to bloatware, improved performance, and the ability to upgrade your phone when you want without waiting endlessly for OTA updates to hit your country and your device.

NOTE: Before unrooting your android phone, make sure you Backup your data, Because often times while unrooting, all the data might be wiped out, Backup all your important data either on your SD card or your PC.

Lets get started on How To Unroot Any Android Device

To unroot the android device is is quite easy and simply to implement, Below are two main recommended methods to simply unroot your device 100%.

  • Unrooting with Apps like SuperSU, Kingroot
  • Flashing a new stock rom/firmware

Unrooting With Kingroot App

When rooting your android device, you made use of the “Kingroot” app, you can also unroot your device using the same app via removing the root access on your device.

Launch the kingroot app, click on the settings, scroll down, click on “root authorization settings” and locate “remove root permission, click on continue to confirm deletion of the root access, restart your device.

See snapshots below:

king1 king2king 3

Unrooting With SuperSU

Irrespective of the app you used to root your device once the SuperSu app is installed to show your device is fully rooted, You can also use the supersu app to fully unroot your device.


  • Open SuperSU app on your device.
  • Tap Settings tab.
  • Scroll down to Full unroot option and tap continue, After successful, Unroot superuser
    will close automatically
  • Restart your device
  • After reboot, download Root Checker for free from the Google Play Store to confirm that your android device no longer has Root Access.

Flashing A New Stock Rom/Firmware

This is the last resort when all other options for unrooting your device did’nt workout, For example after you have successfully removed the root access using either the kingroot or supersu app and yet you can’t receive OTA software updates, Flashing a stock rom is the only available option to totally restore your android device to a brand new firmware.

The most common way to unroot the Android devices is  by flashing the stock/official firmware back to the device. This method works on all android devices. The stock firmware is the full package containing all android default system partitions and custom settings.

Simply download an official stock firmware for your device and install it on your android device. This would totally unroot your device and restore factory settings.


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