How to Smoothly Undertake Your IT Projects

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Managing IT projects is not an easy task, regardless of the size of the project. There is a need to communicate with clients and make changes regularly consistently. Furthermore, you need to manage your developers, clients’ needs and deliver the project within the mentioned deadline.

The recent study revealed that merely 29% of IT projects go in a smooth flow. Many IT projects are failures. The difficulty in managing projects has led to soaring demand for project management professionals. These professionals ensure that the company successfully manages the majority of projects.

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The job market gives even more value to professionals with PMP certification. A PMP certification is a prestigious project management certificate that demonstrates the superior skills of a project management professional.

The certification is available in various states of the United States along with other nations. For instance, typing PMP Certification Minneapolis on the search engine will let you find certification programs in Minneapolis state.

With all that said, there are plenty of steps that you can take right away as well, which enable you to handle IT projects smoothly.

How to smoothly undertake your IT Projects?

You may have tried a lot of things and have still faced failures. It is impossible to avoid failure. However, it is possible to minimize the rate of failure. Let’s check out some of the steps that reduce your risk of IT project failures:

  • Take some time to construct a robust project management flow

It is essential to get your structure in place if you do not have one. The project management flow helps your team to understand how to get started with the project in hand. A stable project management flow is like a grand plan for handling the projects in hand.

You must define all crucial factors in your project management flow, such as requirements, planning process, identifying risks, work division, change management, and reporting.

There is project management software on the market that can assist you in creating a project management flow for your projects.

It is crucial to use appropriate project management software to simplify the process for you and your team.

Make sure that your project management processes are accurately defined and you have a capable enough team to handle the tasks.


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  1. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your team

No one in this world is perfect, and that applies to your team as well. You must understand your team to assign the right task to the right person. Observe the works of every person in your team and go through the history of their work record to know your team well.

After doing research, you need to list out the strength and weakness of your team. By doing so, you can efficiently complete your projects without putting a lot of pressure in your group.

It will result in the satisfaction of your clients and also your team members. When you assign the task, according to the strength of a person, you also do not need to supervise your team’s works closely.

  1. Break down your project into small tasks

You need to write a lot of codes to complete a single project. It can be overwhelming at times to look at the whole picture at once. Your team members can feel a lot of pressure when they hear about the client’s requirements.

To make things simple for your team members, break down your project in many different modules and small tasks. It will allow your team to think of the solution quickly, which will lead to faster completion of mini tasks in hand.

One of the effective methods that you can follow is a minimum viable product. It means getting your product out to the client with some significant features before developing a full-fledged product. You can save a lot of time with this method. You can work later if your client gives a green signal to the submitted work.

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  1. Give a score to each task

It is true that all parts of your project are essential. However, some tasks are more important than others, and there are some tasks that you need to complete early than others. It is not a wise thing to work on a project without prioritizing tasks.

Over 33% of the overall projects are carried out without a baseline (Source). It will only lead to conflicts among team members, which means a higher risk of failure. Focusing on a lot of tasks at once can be suicidal at times. You need to prioritize your tasks to help your team focus on a few things at a time.

Assign a score to each task and only send a few works in a streamline to avoid pressure and conflicts. You need to have guidelines for your team to follow and it must include a step to follow in case of a misunderstanding.

By getting your focus right, you can significantly improve the productivity of your team.

  1. Do not wait till the end  

You need to be aware of what your team is doing in every stage of a software development lifecycle. There are plenty of things to focus on while developing software and things can go wrong at any time. Without proper supervision, you may end up facing a bigger problem in the future.

If you monitor your project consistently, you can overcome the issues right when it comes. It will not let the problems to get bigger. If the conflict arises, be quick to talk with the responsible person and solve it.

You should also have small milestones in place to motivate your team in their journey of fulfilling a bigger vision.

  1. Hold regular meetings with your team and take necessary steps if needed

A regular flow of communication is not only crucial for your clients but also your team. The figure below will let you know the cost of a weak internal connection.

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Image Source: Harvard Business Review

Hold meeting now and then with your team and discuss what they have individually accomplished. You should also talk about deadlines and ask them about their plan for the upcoming days.

If your project needs changes, you should discuss it in the meeting. It will enable your organization to complete more projects within a mentioned deadline.

Over to You

The sophistication of handling projects increases with the size of the project, the number of handled projects, and the growth of the company. The tips that I have mentioned in the above section of this article will help you better manage your project. However, you need to have some knowledge about project management before you can fully implement the above tips.

You should strongly consider hiring a separate project manager if your company is growing. Not hiring a project manager will lead to more clients’ dissatisfaction which will hinder the growth of your company.

In case you are just starting, you can learn project management and follow the tips that I have mentioned above to undertake your projects smoothly.

Is there something that you want to add to this article? If yes, comment your thoughts below. We would love to go through it.


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