How to Use LinkedIn for Business: 5 Highly Engaging Ideas

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Finding new ways to engage your audience and direct traffic to your website isn’t an easy task for many businesses in these unstable times. That’s why it’s a good idea to rethink your social media marketing strategy and start to use LikedIn to reach more of your potential clients.

LinkedIn, arguably the most professional social media platform out there, is often overlooked. But it shouldn’t be as it is a highly effective platform for networking and reaching out to your potential clients or business partners.

This article lists the best ideas on how to engage your target audience on LinkedIn.

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1. Appeal to your Potential Clients with Visuals:

Nowadays visuals are the heart and soul of any social media feed. Although LinkedIn is a professional platform, it’s crucial to use just the right photos and graphics to appeal to more people.

LinkedIn itself reports that posts with images get two times more comments and engagement than posts without any visuals.

Due to all the recent limitations that businesses have faced, it’s not always easy to produce your own visual content. Many brands have discovered that an easy solution are stock photography websites like Depositphotos that have become a great source for authentic images.

You can rely on stock images as your go-to source for quality photos and illustrations that are relatively inexpensive.

2. Create Infographics:

Infographics are an excellent format that many choose to share and repost on their feeds since data visualizations often contain insightful information in a comprehensible and entertaining way. Infographics are an awesome type of content for LinkedIn due to the nature of the savvy audience using this platform.

And even if your company doesn’t have a designer or can’t afford to hire one to create this type of graphics, you can always try to do DIY infographics yourself.

There are many amazing and free tools out there on the internet. For example, Crello allows you to create simple graphics and animations without having special design skills.

3. Publish Different Types of Content:

Although images are the very core of social media, you shouldn’t forget that it’s important to post a variety of content in different formats to keep your audience entertained and informed.

You can experiment with different stylistics but also share galleries and collages with your subscribers on LinkedIn instead of single-image posts.

According to the most recent data which analyzes how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced internet usage, around 60% of the whole internet traffic worldwide is video streaming. YouTube alone accounts for almost 16% of the global traffic.

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That clearly shows that people love to watch videos, so why don’t you repost videos in your LinkedIn feed as well? It could be how-to hacks, business insights, or even your own product reviews. Well-made videos or insightful reposts can help you with  engagement on this platform.

4. Share your Expertise:

LinkedIn has won the hearts of many professionals because it’s the perfect platform to share business experiences and learn from others.

LinkedIn is the place to tell stories about your entrepreneurial journey, share business insights, and publish texts building your professional image as a brand.

Don’t be afraid to share some stories about your business failures as well. People really do want to know what not to do and avoid.

Sharing this type of content won’t hurt your image if you share insights. Being able to admit and accept your mistakes is highly appreciated and respected.

5. Ask your employees to connect to your brand page:

Many individual professionals use LinkedIn as a platform for personal networking, and many have hundreds of connections on this social media.

That’s why it’s a good idea to encourage those of your employees who use LinkedIn to connect their job positions and working titles to your brand’s page on their profiles.

Don’t underestimate the power of your employees in terms of improving your brand awareness. The people from their connection list will see the updates on their feed, and the name of your brand will display on their pages.

There is a good chance that this will help you engage some of your potential audience since it’s really easy to network on LinkedIn.

Don’t overlook the power of LinkedIn for your business:

Nowadays most businesses focus their attention on Instagram and Facebook in their social media marketing strategy. Although LinkedIn isn’t an obvious choice of a platform for many, no brand should miss the opportunity to grow their business, connect to new clients, and network.

In a competitive online environment it is a good idea to dedicate some of your digital marketing efforts into LinkedIn as the one platform that prioritizes business connections.

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