iTunes DRM Removal Solution: DRmare M4V Converter For Mac Review

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If you are using iTunes, then you’ve probably already discovered it as a superb platform for playing music, videos, and viewing pictorial displays. However, regardless of the availability of iTunes superior platform on this stage, you may only see video content via iTunes.

As a result of this, you’re limited to watching it on Apple gadgets. You can not see your favorite TV series That You bought on some other devices.

But DRM brings much hassle to users that have legitimately bought the content and need to watch videos or movies on multiple devices.

Apple eventually took notice of these complaints and to enhance the consumer experience, it eventually gave up the DRM security in 2009.

Since then Apple users have been searching for iTunes Video Converter DRM removal software that gets the job done. This review is going to introduce you a DRM removal tool called DRmare M4V converter for Mac.

DRmare M4V Converter is a DRM removal program that eliminates the DRM decryption that prevents the movies you buy or rent to be stored and played out of iTunes.

DRmare is an iTunes DRM removal solution well designed to permanently remove DRM copyright from purchased and rented iTunes movies, TV shows, iTunes Extras, and music videos, as well as a lossless iTunes M4V video converter to convert and edit the DRM-locked M4V and DRM free movies to MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, etc. for any device.


edit itunes movies
Video editing interface

Amazing Features Of DRmare M4V video converter for Mac

  • Removal of DRM decryption from the purchased movie rentals from iTunes
  • Lossless conversion of DRM M4V files to DRM-free M4V, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MKV, H264, etc
  • Customized output settings for DRM-free iTunes movies
  • Preserve multilingual subtitles, closed captions, and 5.1 audio jacks
  • Conversion to readymade preset for various popular devices
  • Crack DRM at a blazing speed of 30x with high quality

The most crucial quality of DRmare M4V Converter For Mac is that all conversions set out DRM-free videos with no loss of audio and video quality.

That is an unusual feature to get a converter since DRM elimination would typically influence the quality. In cases like this, DRmare does not have any difficulty maintaining high-quality video and sound of the files.

DRmare M4V Converter comes with an interface you will find simple to navigate and use.

All it takes to convert one or even a multiple of movies is a couple of clicks of choosing the movies, personalizing the file output, and implementing the conversion process.

Once the conversion process is completed, all you need to do is wait, and it doesn’t require quite a while for it to complete.

DRmare M4V for Mac conversion time compared to other M4V converters is 30x faster than the average conversion speed.

add itunes m4v videos

If you are concerned that you may get in trouble with iTunes using DRmare, then it’s totally valid for use so long as the documents are just used for personal functions rather than for any kind of public screening or streaming.

You can use DRmare DRM Converter for Mac on a free trial for a limited time if you want to have a test run for yourself how good it does its job.

If you are impressed like I am, You can quickly decide if it works for you as the free trial has all the features included in the paid version.

The 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee will help you certainly determine if it works for you and wishes to continue or cancel since the free trial has all of the features contained in the paid version.

DRmare M4V Converter for Mac System & Hardware Requirements

Operating System Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 (including the macOS Sierra 10.12.6)
Processor 1G Hz processor, or above
RAM 512MB or higher of RAM
Monitor Monitor with 1024×768 pixels or higher resolution
Other iTunes 12.9 or lower versions installed
DRmare M4V Video Converter For Mac 1
DRmare M4V Converter For Mac

User Interface

The user interface is pretty decent and provides crystal clear interface to drag and drop video files which have to be converted.

Working with this particular tool is a kid’s play. Everything looks so comfortable about the UI, and you can get your preferred output super fast.

choose output video format
Format selection Interface


There a small advantage for Mac users in utilizing this program. However, Mac users have the advantage converting the DRM files to various formats including MP4 (lossless), M4V (lossless), HD MP4, HD M4V, HD AVI, HD MKV, HD MOV, HD MPG, TS, and TRP. That is what we mean by Mac users having the edge over Windows users.

These are just HD Video classes. However, you may convert them according to Devices you utilize, to Internet videos, do Editing, General Video and General Audio.

DRmare M4V Video Converter For Mac
DRmare M4V Converter For Mac


Our performance metrics show that DRmare M4V works marginally faster on Mac in comparison to Mac. When analyzed on Mac, it functions 30X faster than other movie converters. As expected, DRmare M4V operates like a charm (to be blunt, more than anticipated ).

The lossless conversion grab hold of original subtitles closed captions along with 5.1 soundtracks. You feel no distinction between first iTunes video and transformed movie (besides DRM).


Simply speaking, DRmare M4V Converter is among the finest in the marketplace for a video converter to eliminate DRM protection. It comes useful in converting DRM protected iTunes files to high-quality M4V or MP4 videos.

The actual cost of DRmare converter for Mac is $54.95, But you can get it today at a discount of $10. You get to pay to just $44.95. Sounds like a fantastic bargain, right?

DRmare M4V converter for Mac does the task in blazing speed, and you’ll be utterly amazed at its performance.


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