Konga & Jumia Pricelists Of All BB10 Devices {Q10, Q5, Z3, Z10, Z30}

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Konga and Jumia are the top two leading e-commerce stores operating mostly in Nigeria, and some other African countries. The two online stores no doubt have vast varieties of goods, products and services ranging from electronics, phones, computers, phones and computers accessories, clothing, kitchen utensils just to mention but a few. With the emergence of online shopping in Nigeria today, and two main company taking the forefront dominating the Nigerian online shopping industry, Konga.com and Jumia.com are presently the biggest e-commerce platform in this part of the world.921339_versus_jpge13435182bb0cd26b2af9ed1c0947c45

This article focuses on comparing the various prices of all BB10 devices sold in both Konga and Jumia online shopping mall, and to help prospective buyers to make the right decision based on prices, payment and time of delivery. Jumia and Konga both offer similar services and also free home delivery of already purchased products.
Below are Pricelists of all BB10 devices on both Konga and Jumia online shopping mall.


    • ₦47,000

      BlackBerry Q10 | White


      BlackBerry Q10 | Black 

  • ₦70,000

    BlackBerry Z30 | White


    BlackBerry  Blackberry Z30 |BLACK

    • ₦33,500

      BlackBerry Blackberry Q5 | WHITE


      BlackBerry BlackBerry Blackberry Q5 | BLACK


      BlackBerry Q5 | Red/Pink


      BlackBerry BLACKBERRY Z3 

        • ₦45,000

          BlackBerry Z10 | White

        • ₦43,000

          BlackBerry Z10 | Black

          BlackBerry – Leap 

          BlackBerry – Passport

          BlackBerry – Priv

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    • 34,500





      •  / white
        Blackberry Passport Silver Edition
        ₦ 170,000
        BlackBerry Classic Q20 
        ₦ 125,999 
      • BlackBerry Leap 
        ₦ 53,300
    • BlackBerry Priv 
      ₦ 225,000


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19 thoughts on “Konga & Jumia Pricelists Of All BB10 Devices {Q10, Q5, Z3, Z10, Z30}”

  1. Well, franking speaking you can’t get a clean uk used Q10 at 30k. If you probably see it would’nt be in good healthy condition.But in computer village ikeja there’s nothing you can’t get there. All the best!!

    • Most ladies love the blackberry Q10. White colour to be precise. But first, you need to know the type of device she likes, Blackberry or Android or Nokia Lumia or iPhone. Also ladies love the iPhones, but you can not afford an iPhone with 5OK. I advice you get any BB10. either the Q10, Z10, Z3, Q5.

  2. I need BB Q10 white or preferably Q5 white,how much do they go for and I want a new one … Home delivery by Konga or Jumia..

    • The bold 5 uk used price range between 16 to 17k…..The bold indeed is a great device but it has lots of issues, so be careful when using the bold 5.

  3. Bold 6, it will suddenly go off and never wanting to come up again until after several attempt to charge or remove the battery. but one thing, is that at times the battery will have enough power but it will go off and always hanging…kindly advise.

    And, if I want to get another BB, which one would you advise.


    • Oh so sorry about that, i also went trough that with my bold 6, its either you buy a new uk used original battery to help fix the going off or it could be the battery terminal. which a phone technician can help you fix. Try testing it with another battery before giving a technician. All the best,

  4. Hello, pls I need BlackBerry passport at an affordable price and I also have Q10 white to sell, pls contact me on 08099289078 thank u.

  5. Hi. My curve 4 alwAys get hooked anytime I play music whilE charging, and the Bluetooth is’nt working anymore, if I try to on it,it OFF, plzz advice


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