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We all know Facebook to be one of the best social website in the world,  and the most popular social platform across multiple mobile devices. With the ever-growing presence of Facebook, we all look forward for Facebook Tips and Tricks to add to the fun which actually makes it much more interesting while on Facebook with friends and loves ones.

Below are amazing Facebook tips and tricks you need to give a try

  • Download An Entire  Facebook Photo Album: You probably want to save all your old Facebook photo album on your computer, and we all know Facebook only allow One picture at a time and this is the only way Facebook allow us to download photos.
  • PhotoLive  is free Facebook extension that allows you to quickly and easily download entire photo albums from Facebook to your desktop.
  • Go to Photo Live and download the extension (please note, while it’s completely free, it does require registration including credit card information, although you will not be charged).
  • Once it’s installed, you will see a button at the top of your Facebook page whenever you view a photo album. Clicking on it will download the album as a zip file to your computer.
  • Check Online  Status: Whenever you are offline, you cannot see your online friends. However we do have the habit of knowing who is online while we are offline. To make this task easy, just search the application Online Now in Facebook search bar.
  • Remove all Facebook ads: You can use the Greasemonkey Script in Mozilla Firefox ” Facebook: Cleaner ” to remove all ads. Basically it will hide all the Facebook ads on the page. If you use Google chrome to browse the web you can use Tampermonkey extension to install the user script.
  • Live Stream TV: You can watch live streaming tv on Facebook. There is an app called TVDREAM-APP. Search for this app on Facebook search bar. Once you authorize it, you can watch live stream.
  • Make Video with your pictures on FB: Visit and you can make a nice video of your Facebook photos.
  • Post An empty status: Login to your Facebook account.Then click on update status and enter the following code and hit enter.
 @[2:2: ]
  • How to find who deleted/Unfriended you on Facebook?: You can find who deleted or unfriended you on Facebook using an application called who delete me. This application will back up all your friends list when you sign up for the first time and notifies via mail whenever there is a change in your friends list.
  • View Non-Public Profile Photos: If a friend has set their photo to private (in other words, if they’ve set it to be visible only ‘to me’), you won’t be able to see the photo.
  • Go to the profile picture you’d like to see and open it in a new tab or window (on Mac, Ctrl-Click and then ‘Open Image in New Tab’, on PC, right-click and then ‘Open Image in New Tab’). Go to new tab or window, to the address bar. You should see a portion of the url just remove the ‘s160x160’, and hit enter. You should see the full-sized image in your browser.
  • Mute Conversation: Annoying group conversation notification on Facebook can be so alarming. By default  Facebook will send you notifications on your phone and Facebook page whenever a new response is posted and this can get you devastated.
  • Go into the offending message, and click on the Actions tab at the top right corner of the screen.
    Click on Mute Conversation, and all notifications will cease. Being  part of a group conversation, you could also choose to leave the conversation, however this would mean you lose access to future replies. By muting the conversation, you can continue to read new replies at your leisure.
  • How To Combine Facebook Cover with Profile Picture: Go to Tickedoutimeline website and choose a quality picture, Now scroll Down and Click on Merge Profile and Cover Photo.
    Now just click Choose File and Upload your Timeline cover Photo.
    Now click on Cover Photo and wait for few second and watch.


  • After 5 second your Cover and profile photo ready for download, download these picture and save it in your pc. Now upload these photos and watch your attractive timeline.
  • Disable Read Receipt On Facebook: By default on Facebook, as soon as you’ve read a message, they will see a note that the message has been read. This puts the pressure on you to respond to the message quickly.  Facebook Unseen add-on for Chrome ensures no one can see whether or not you’ve read their messages, giving you an added layer of privacy and flexibility.
  • Download Facebook Unseen and Once it’s installed, you should see the Facebook Unseen icon in your browser.
  • How to delete your Facebook account permanently?

    Facebook gives you the link to deactivate the account in the account settings. But there is no option to DELETE your Facebook account permanently. However that option is available but not in the account settings. You can find this option in the Facebook help. Here is the direct link for you in case you want to delete your Facebook account: Delete Form Here.

    Open this link. Fill the form and Don’t login to Facebook for next 15 Days. It will be deleted.

I hope you’ve learnt some new tricks and ticks to spice up your Facebook experience.


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