Link Embedding on Instagram: An effective strategy to generate Business Revenue

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A lot of research studies which have been conducted by different institutions have illustrated that the rate of success of those business ventures on the internet is highly dependent on their web design. The vast majority of users on the web tend to spend only a few seconds to judge the type of the business website in front of them and if they would be able to trust that website.

This understanding of theirs is completely built upon the design of the business website you have. One of the most preferred methods to make your web design clutter-free is to divide the workload of your business website with your Instagram page. Instead of making your site do both the marketing and the selling of your products, you can try Instagram to do your marketing while using the website to carry out all business transactions. Link embedding will be the perfect method to do this on Instagram. This article will illustrate to you how link embedding is an effective strategy for Instagram to make your business website clutter free.

Why is the design of your website so vital?

You have to understand that your web design will affect your business, the importance of your website’s design is of paramount importance in influencing business sales. Whenever you have users visiting your business website, he or she will be doing it because of a specific need which may be that they are trying to locate a particular product for purchasing or they might be looking for something different that can interest them and they can buy at a later date. However, when they come to your website, if they find that it is completely cluttered around and unnecessary textual contents have taken up the entire space on the screen, and they cannot find what they want,then they shall not want to waste their time anymore and move on to another website to get their products. This means that you will be losing business.

It can be so that your website has the product that your viewer was trying to locate, but the lack of accessibility in the design of the website made them leave your page, so you have to give the presentation of your products a top priority to make more sales. You will have to convince your users that they are not going to waste their precious time in trying to navigate through your website. And hence, for this reason, you can make good use of Instagram where you can market your products for free.

Keep the purchasing links of your website in your Instagram posts which will direct your users to your business website, also keep a link of your site in your homepage and links to your Instagram page in your business website. You should include just the details of the products and the correct prices in the following pages in your site and not on your main homepage.

Why focus on Instagram?

Instagram is the most popular social media application in the world today with an estimated 800 million users. It is an amazing platform for marketing your business and the products you have to offer. Instagram is a visual only platform where you can upload only visual content, that is, photos and videos. It is simple, precise with regards to contents which you share on them. A lot of business owners use Instagram for showcasing their products to wider global audiences by only uploading photos of their products.

Embedding the links

Whenever you are uploading your posts on Instagram about the products which you have to offer, you must always ensure that you embed links in the photo’s captions. Captions should be little with just the basic information; the links embedded will give users further details. You can embed links in a “tap to read more” like button. This will direct your users to your business website where they can get further information and complete their purchase. Thus, a design like this integrates your Instagram page with your business website, and you get the benefits of both.

Before setting out for planning a making a novel strategy of marketing for selling your products over the internet, it is vital that you make a good strategy to get followers for Instagram to get more visibility for your campaigning.


The design of your website will be a huge factor in determining the number of online sales that you can generate. When you have a good web design, you can attract a lot of users and entice them to buying your wares but similarly, if your website remains cluttered then you risk losing out on business. Instagram is the best app for business owners as it can help to integrate the business website with social media and divide the workload for the marketing campaigns. You can market your products on Instagram while completing the business transaction on your business page. This will result in more people visiting your business website from your Instagram page. Integrate both f these platforms by link embedding where you will place links to your business website under the captions of your Instagram posts. Link embedding can facilitate more business sales and help you generate more revenue because it will de-clutter your business website and make it easier for the visitor to navigate through your site. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article has helped you to understand the importance of link embedding.

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