Make $2000 Monthly With This YouTube Secret Method

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Make $2000 Monthly With This YouTube Secret Method  – This method involves little investment but it is very easy to do and the best thing is, you don’t have to do much / any work. So, you can be lazy again. In this method, we are going to sell youtube channels on forums where the demand is high.

We will use a twist to make simple youtube channels very valuable. This method is excellent if you are lazy and want to make some bucks online daily.

A method with a Twist

1.) Create a youtube channel

2.) Search for gameplay videos on youtube and download 1-2 videos which are 3+ hours long and have less than 1000 views (basically no one is going to copyright them as they’re not getting views or earning any money)

3.) Now upload these videos on your YouTube channel

4.) Go to any smmpanel like JustAnotherPanel, followiz or smmkings and add 1000 subscribers and 2000 HQ views with 70% retention. As the video we uploaded is 3+ hours long, we’ll get 4000 hours to watch time with just 2000 views 

1k subscribers will cost you $10-12, 4k watchtime : $2-3$. So, Total Cost = $12-$15

5.) Now, apply for monetization and let the channel go under review for YouTube Monetization.

6.) Sell the channel for 50-60$ on any market place you want (search sell YouTube channel on google and there’ll be many marketplaces which buy/sell YouTube channels on the first page)

7.) This way, you can make an easy profit of $40-50 per account sold!

8.) Remember, monetization is random, 1-2 out of every 10 accs I apply this way gets monetized.

And therefore, monetized account sells for $150-200 easily.


– Getting 1000 subscribers is slow when you use most smm panels as they can provide you 30-50 sub per day, To do it faster, find a Freelancer that can deliver 300-500 subs per day

– If the seller asks you if it’s a botted channel, tell him the truth. Most of the time they just want to achieve the requirements anyway. if you lie, he will probably try to get a refund or sales trash you. Best is to tell him that price of a monetized channel is 5-6x that of the under review channel you’re selling!

– Don’t ever guarantee a ” future” monetization of the channel. If you do, you will get angry customers as I told you that monetization on youtube with a bot is totally random!

– Choose a good a marketplace, just write ” Sell youtube account” ” buy youtube account” on google, there are many on the internet with a lot of traffic, the best marketplace to sell is eBay & Reddit, but you can lose your eBay account so be careful

– You can increase the value of the channel by uploading a lot of videos, add commentaries, add an intro to fetch even better prices but it’s totally up to you

This is it. Now start implementing this and earn money to invest in other methods and guides to get a stable passive online income.


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