Make $100-200 Per Day By Using This Unique HQ Method

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Make $100-200 Per Day By Using This Unique HQ Method  –  Everyone says making money is difficult. It needs a lot of investment, No chance for plebs to make it big easily. BUT, all that is needed is a strong will and Hard Work.

Still, if you’re a LAZYASS like me and have a little of these two things, this method is for you. It needs no money investment, 15-20 mins of work a day is enough, and you can do it while listening to music.

Today, I will share with you a simple yet promising method to make the easiest $380 ever. We’ll be selling a newly registered Instagram username /handle.

Things we need

A smartphone with an internet connection and Instagram installed on it

A method with a TWIST

1.) Go to Instagram and search for brands account like Macy’s

2.) Now try to register with a username that’ll be valuable to Macy’s like Macy_Shoes

3.) Now we want to sell it to Macy’s as it is valuable to them

4.) To do that, follow and Interact with their recent posts from the newly created account to get their attention.
Wait for them to contact you to buy your account. If they do not contact you, you can just contact/dm then with the offer on Instagram itself

5.) Negotiate a price – Do not come up with a price yourself, let them offer a price to you, as usual, they offer a lot better amount than what we plan to sell for
6.) Get paid (before you send the account details obviously). You can even use an escrow service 

How to Sell

Here are the chat screenshots:-

That’s it!

Now, remember that this won’t work each time you do it as some brands might now want the username but that ones that do want it will pay you handsomely 


So, do not give up if you don’t get an offer for the first few times, keep trying. Even 1-2 sales made per month can be easily $1000+ and you don’t have to spend more than 5-7 minutes a day with this method.


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