Ultimate method – Earn LEGIT $50 Everyday Without Any Investment

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Ultimate method – Earn LEGIT $50 Everyday Without Any Investment – Sharing a new method with an odd twist to make every day a payday. The best thing, you do not have to invest a penny or work more than 10-15 mins! So, you can be lazy and still earn some decent cash using this method to pay the bills or whatever.

I can say this is one of the EASY METHODS I have shared so far and will help everyone to earn some side cash. In this method, we are going to make some easy money by just using Gmail accounts.

Things needed

– 2-3 Gmail accounts

– Any free VPN

A method with a twist

1.) Go to Google Maps and look for “Restaurants”, “Hotels”, and other shopkeepers or small business in your area. It can be anything from Car dealers to even Doctors, you get the idea.

2.) Find places with ratings of 3.5 STARS or LESS on Google Maps.

3.) Now, just get their contact/cellphone/ address and write it on a paper. Collect 5-10 addresses like this.

4.) Now, call them or visit their shop and show them how their shop is badly rated only show up on the map only if you zoom in to street view!

Explain how because of this they will miss out on a lot of potential customers as everyone checks reviews on Google Maps before going to any place!

5.) Tell them you can make them appear on the top and then make a deal. You can set your price here however you want. Ask them for $200-300 per month or $50 one time fee. Try to make it a monthly deal to earn the easiest & stable $200-300 a month.

6.) Grab some Google Accounts and write your own reviews from using VPN. Give them ratings between 4 to 5 Stars so that their overall is above 4.2 but below 4.7 starts and then they’ll keep coming for more.

This is it. Now take action and use this opportunity to earn a nice stable passive income.


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