5 Super-Useful Apps Before You Travel to London

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If you have never been to London, visiting for the first time can be an amazing experience, but it can also be overwhelming. The city has a complex transportation network, and you can get lost or confused moving from point A to point B. London is always buzzing with activities, festivals, and events day and night, so you might find yourself wanting to see and do as many things as possible while you are there.

The city offers something for everyone, whether you like to party or just want to be indoors in a cosy restaurant with a date. There are also plenty of things to do and see outside. Art lovers will be thrilled by the city’s art diversity as well as museum exhibitions and street art.  But you need to have the right tools that will help you have the best experience.

We have gathered some of the super-useful apps that will definitely help you get around the city.

Visit London

If you are looking for a reliable and updated directory of events, festivals, bars, restaurants, exhibitions, markets, museums, and all of London’s hidden gems, Visit London is the app that you need. We suggest that you download the app before traveling to London so that you can have a good idea of places that you will like to see and things to do in advance.The app is designed to help visitors locate interesting places to see in London. The app also lets you read reviews about restaurants, bars, festivals, and unique experiences like Plonk Golf venues around the city.

Tube Deluxe

Tube Deluxe is a fantastic app that lets visitors navigate the city. Moving around London can be hectic no thanks to the city’s complex transportation network. If you are planning to use the tube, make sure you download the app. the app has useful features such as live traffic updates, travel connections and tube maps.

ATM Hunter

The last thing you want to experience is running out of cash and getting stranded. ATM Hunter is a reliable app that lets you locate the nearest ATM or free cashpoint so you do not have to pay a fee on every transaction. This app gives you the assurance that you will never run out of cash. And you do not need to keep asking strangers where the nearest cashpoint is located.

Craft beer revolution

If you love beer, then you must download the Craft Beer Revolution. This app will help you locate the best bars in the city of London which brew their beers from scratch. The app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to select the nearest bars that offer craft beer.

Uber or any Taxi app

Yes! You need a taxi app – Uber, Lyft or any other type that you prefer. This might be the best option for getting around London. The best thing about taxi apps is that you can order a ride anywhere you are and there is a great chance that there is one 2 minutes away from your location. Taxi apps will make your trip to London less stressful.


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