How Mobile Tech Has Changed The World

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The dawn and subsequent boom of the smartphone has truly changed the world. Although mobile phones had been around for some time, the launch of the first iPhone model in 2007 sparked a revolution, and established a whole new set of standards for tech companies the world over. Now, almost a decade later, most of us are carrying around supercomputers in our pockets. Here’s a look at how mobile tech has changed the world we live in.

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How We Work


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Ever since the very first portable phones, mobile tech has had a prevalent role in the international business arena. Now, the wide range of modern communication and productivity tools that we have access to have had an even bigger impact on the way businesses operate. Whether companies provide their workers with their own mobile devices or run BYOD policies, mobile tech is now an essential for countless businesses around the world. Mobile email, chat apps, and video chat platforms are all being used as I write to keep firms ticking. This, of course, is before we get into anything like inventory management systems, CRM platforms and so on. The impact mobile tech has had on business efficiency is absolutely staggering, and it’s still in its infancy when you look at the big picture!

How We Play


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Mobile tech, as I’m sure you’ve proven at least once today, is also a central part of countless people’s gaming and entertainment experiences. Most people in the west spend at least an hour a day using entertainment or gaming apps on smartphones. The tech we can carry around in our pockets has allowed us to have almost any game we want right at our fingertips, whether you prefer a simple arcade game like Doodle Jump, casino apps like Maria, or a sophisticated, multi-faceted strategy game. Thousands of us are also using our smartphones to download and watch movies and series on a daily basis – something that was unheard of not too long ago! More recently, we’re starting to see mobile tech have a greater role in the world of sport. Wearable tech like Fitbit bands and smartwatches now allow people to monitor their heart rate, measure their steps, and even improve their golf best drivers for beginners swings or tennis stance.

The Way We Live


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You probably only have to take a look around the room you’re in to see how much mobile technology has changed the way we live our day-to-day lives. Smartphones and tablets have replaced countless devices that were once separate, such as alarm clocks, watches, cameras, flashlights and MP3 players. However, this is only the beginning. More and more, we’re starting to notice a buzz about the young niche of smart home technology. Some tech journalists are seeing a future world where almost anything in your home can be controlled from a single interface on your smartphone. Some people are already able to dim lights remotely, preheat their ovens and lock or unlock doors from their phones. As we move into 2017, this little niche is expected to explode!


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