Must-Have Accessories for Your New Car

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There’s nothing better than buying a new car. On second thought, something actually comes quite close – buying accessories for your new car. Accessorising a car is not only fun, but different tools and technologies can actually make driving smoother and safer.

So, if you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on some new wheels, your car will benefit from the following must-have accessories.  With these, your journeys will be fun, safe and a lot more hassle-free.

Car battery jump cables and rechargeable battery

Every car should be prepared for a few hitches along the way. A dead battery is a common problem – especially in modern cars that require a lot of technology. To ensure you don’t end up on the side of the road or stranded at home, make sure you have jump cables and an external rechargeable battery on hand.

A great option would be to pick a solar powered battery. This means you can utilise the battery even when you’re not near an electric socket. Furthermore, solar powered car batteries can often be used to charge your other items – such as the smartphone.

tyre repair kit 1

Tyre repair kit

You should also make sure you don’t end up with an abruptly ended journey due to a flat tyre. Your car should not only have an extra tyre at the back, but also come with a proper tyre repair kit. These won’t take a lot of extra space and they can guarantee you get from A to B without a problem.

A first-aid kit

It’s also a good idea to purchase a first-aid kit. You can find special car first-aid kits online and guarantee you can travel safe. If you want, you can also combine your own kit. You’ll need proper cutters (for cutting open seatbelts), plasters, antiseptic liquid, cleaning paper, painkillers and bandage wrap.

You also want to have fog lights, a flashlight and a blanket in the car for emergencies. If you want, you could even purchase a small fire extinguisher for the car. These will help you stay safe even in the most extreme driving conditions.

A key tracker

You don’t want to lose your new car. Unfortunately, losing your car keys is something most of us have to deal with at some point. But technology has come to save us! You can now purchase a key tracker, which guarantees you can find your lost keys in an instant. The tracker will pair up with your phone, which you can then use to locate the keys.

Smartphone car mount

While some new cars might come with a smartphone car mount by default, plenty of models don’t. However, driving with your smartphone nearby is almost guaranteed. In the modern era of apps, it’s also rather smart – you can use your phone as a navigator and therefore, avoid spending money on a separate GPS system.

Smartphone car mount will also make your driving safer. You won’t need to start looking for your phone when it rings and take your eyes off the road. With the mount, you see the phone at all times and can maintain focus on driving.

Don’t forget; there are even apps that can send an automated reply to people trying to contact you. This is a great way of staying safe.

Air freshener and other quick cleaning products

You want to make sure the new car stays in good condition for as long as possible. If you have a habit of transferring a lot of food with your car, you have small (and messy) children or you drive with pets in the car, an air freshener is a good pick for the car. You ideally want to start using one before the car is smelly – once this happens, even the best fresheners can’t often mask it all.

In addition, you should pair your car with a proper brush to wipe crumbles from the floor and seats after use. A compact hand brush will help you enjoy a clear car for longer.

Shopping for car accessories

When it comes to finding the above must-have accessories for your new car, you want to be smart with your shopping. You shouldn’t just buy the first thing you see: browse a few different brands and check with different retailers. You will find the best deals this way and ensure your car accessory budget doesn’t blow up. For example, you can use the Kwik Fit discount codes to save on tyres and car servicing.  Limited time deals are always good and you can generally find these near and after summer.

The above list only includes the accessories you want to buy. However, there are plenty of other gadgets and gizmos you could buy. Think whether you need these and only invest in these must-have items first. After that, you can see if your budget allows you to treat the car with a few other items or not.

So, give your new car a bit more protection and make your journeys more fun with the above must-have car accessories.


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