Nintendo Unveils 2DS XL, A Portable Gaming Console For $150

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The Nintendo Switch gaming console has been selling like hotcakes ever since its release (2.74 million units in a month), but the company is not resting on its laurels. Nintendo has just announced the 2DS XL, a portable gaming console, priced at $149.99. The 2DS XL can be considered as a minor bump to the 2DS console, which launched almost 4 years ago for an asking price of $129.

While you can expect it to be a Nintendo 2DS console with a bigger screen, make no mistake, it looks nowhere similar to the wedge-shaped 2DS. In fact 2DS XL takes the design cues from the Nintendo’s 3DS XL by adopting a C-stick, Amiibo-compatible NFC reader, and some additional processing power. It has almost everything that the current 3DS XL has, but as you can guess, the only thing it lacks is the display’s 3D functionality, which is only available on 3DS and 3DS XL console.

With another new model to add to the never-ending Nintendo 3DS line-up, consumers are bound to get confused. However, Nintendo has been kind enough to list a comparison chart on their website, to avoid unnecessary confusions.

The new Nintendo 2DS XL will go on sale for $149.99 starting July 28th in the United States. It’s $50 less than the 3D-capable 3DS XL, so if you don’t really mind missing out on the 3D functionality, but still want access to Nintendo’s huge library of 3DS games, then 2DS XL is the one you should be going for.


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