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For all the web designers, PDF to JPG convertor is an asset and has proved to be of help to a great extent. The images that we receive from our clients are in PDF format usually and difficult for us to use it on web as per their preferences. In order to convert these into usable images, we had no other option but to compromise over the quality. With the PDF to JPG convertor, the image can be converted and used wherever we want without having to compromise on the quality. Web designing with high resolution image is made simpler with the conversion and we save some time that would have spent on conversion.

The PDF to JPG convertor provided by Soft Solutions converts the PDF files into various formats such as BMP, TIF, GIF, JPG and PNG. The convertor converts the file accurately that it can be used directly by us for the website. The formatting as well as layout is precise, the way an image should be to be put up on the web. You can download the software from this link: http://pdf-to-jpg-convert.en.softonic.com

GUI of the Software

All you need to get a high resolution usable image is the PDF to JPG converter. With just a single click the image can be converted from PDF to major image formats that can be used by us in all the work that we do. Also there is no one who can make out differentiation on the quality of the image that is converted. It is as good as the original document in the PDF format.

One great feature of the convertor for us, web designers is that it can even convert the password locked PDF files. Sometimes, clients unknowingly send us images that are password protected which cannot be opened and used. With the convertor, there is no need for us to pester the clients for conversion, but we can convert it ourselves. Just the password is all we need while converting the image.  You can also use this link: http://products.softsolutionslimited.com/pdf2img/category/pdf_to_jpg.htm

  • There are a lot of converters that do not convert color files. But with the Soft Solutions PDF to JPG converter, an image whether colored or black or white can be easily converted keeping the high resolution intact. The size of the black and white image is less when compared to the colored one as it has less number of colors.

Input Image Preview

One of the best features of the converter is that, it can be used by us wherever we want despite of not having internet connection. When compared to doing the conversions online, we would have to make certain that we are at a place where sufficient internet can be made use of. But with the converter, all we want is the software and image to be converted. Also there is no need for us to resize the image for low data usage as with the online software.

Select Output Format

  • For a novice web designer, money too is saved with the PDF to JPG converter in a way that there are no restrictions to convert the images. When you choose the online converters, you have a limited number that can be converted. When you cross the number, specific amount of money needs to be paid. But with the converter, n number of images can be converted without having to worry about the number. With just one click, batch conversion is also possible with the Soft Solutions PDF to image converter unlike online conversion that is done one by one.
  • Another feature of the converter that benefits the web designer is that the resolution of the image can be chosen. The converter supports the dots per inch setting that is used to adjust the resolution as per our preference. Higher the dot per inch, higher will be the resolution of the image that is converted.
  • Different converted images can be saved to specific files. The PDF to JPG converter allows you to select the particular folder to save converted images. If not with the converter, the converted files are saved to the same input file.

You can also find decent amount of help with the Youtube video below that will help you understand how to go about the entire process of file conversion and using the software.

YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng9EcXxedfw


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