Six Things Every Ecommerce Phone App Needs

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Apps are the future of ecommerce. There are already a lot of businesses moving to push out their own custom made digital experiences for customers. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to have competition for your spot, too. The time to strike is now. But you need to make sure your app has all the right bells and whistles before it’s out the door. Here are just a few of the design and marketing choices you should be considering.

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The one thing an app needs above all else is ease of use. Keep the visual design simple and the usable parts of the app clearly visible. Consider how someone uses a device, too. Which parts of the app are easiest for them to tap with their thumb? Mobile app development agencies will tell you that testing for this kind of accessibility is crucial.

Customer service

There’s little that’s more frustrating that installing an app only to have immediate trouble with it. If it’s not a fault of design, however, then you can help fix it. Make sure your customer support options are clear throughout the app. For example, having a live chat feature can help you deal with customers as soon as they set foot in your digital storefront.

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Picture found at Wikimedia


An accessible app with great service isn’t going to matter if no-one can find it. You need to make sure your app is visible. The best way of ensuring that is through testing it. An untested app will get worse reviews than one with straight-up bad design. Consider your audience, too. What pricing, categories and delivery methods are best for reaching the people you want using your app?


Like launching any new part of a business, you need to create a buzz for your app. It needs that immediate rush of users that can give it its first positive reviews and start spreading the news. Targeting mobile device users is a smart way of building that buzz. For example, a lot of businesses now use apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat to keep their followers informed. If you’re going to make the mobile audience your audience, you need to think like them with your marketing.

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Any ecommerce site will be dealing with lots of sensitive data. At minimum, we’re talking about credit card details and financial transactions. Depending on your membership needs, it can also include a lot of personal data. That’s why setting up top notch security for your app is essential. User and device authentication as well as encrypted data storage is the bare minimum you need for safety.


Having a well-designed app is more about having it visually appealing and easy to use. It also needs to convert customers. That’s why you need to master the call-to-action. On every different part of the app, on every page, it should have a call-to-action. It should have an easily accessed link that immediately starts the buying process for the customer. Not only does this tempt them at every turn, it cuts out a step or two for their purchase process, too.


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