Police AI Improvement Spotted In New Leaked Footage

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GTA 6’s leaks are coming rapidly nowadays without any accentuated reason, but it seems good for all the GTA fans as they are getting to know more about this next installment.

This new leak sounds crucial as it shows some information regarding the improvement in the police’s combat skills with the AI and some new mechanisms, so without any delay, let’s begin the discussion below.

GTA 6 Cops New Mechanics Explained

The popular open-world game series from Rockstar Games has various things to do for fun, and one of the fun things from this list is taking the fight with the game’s police.

While defeating cops wasn’t that hard until GTA 5’s launch in 2013, but now after ten years of playing with the same cops’ mechanics is not challenging as before.

But the exciting part is that GTA 6 would bring some new mechanisms and AI to the police’s combat style, which will make police combat more interesting, according to a leak.

You might be wondering about the source of this leak, so this information got leaked from a 51-second-long game test video in which a cop was shooting at the female protagonist (Lucia) by using Service Carbine.

And that cop was using different angles to shot-down Lucia. Also, he was wearing a Vice City-themed uniform, as some leaks already revealed that the map was going to be based on Vice City.

Besides, the police in the game will get better at tracking the player with improved AI as they are going to crouch and kneel in perfectly required situations. And they can also attempt to hide when it is required.

Separately, you can’t see that video now because Twitter has removed it from various tweets and even gave the suspension to the account of the original publisher, who was named GTA 6 SPAM (@GTA6posts and @goldenaltzay).

Note: Due to legal restrictions, we can’t display the leaked images or videos of the subject in this article.



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