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The Ultimate Guide To Gain Followers On Instagram Account – I’m going to sit here and write this bigass post on exactly how to grow an Instagram and the methods that I use/used which worked great.

The wild part is that 99% of you are going to either not read it and post some reply saying I’m an idiot or you’re going to read it and not take any action.

If you’re on this thread, you want to grow an Instagram account. I’m here to tell you how to do it. Be the 1% that puts in the work and get free Instagram followers and likes from 100% real accounts with GetInsta, the best get Instagram followers app for you to get 50 free Instagram followers instantly.

By no means am I some social marketing genius, in all honesty, I don’t know anything. What I do know is that these “methods” do work as I’ve done them myself.

I would also like to add that I’m making no money from this; posting these “methods” publicly doesn’t benefit me in any way. I’m not getting money from the programs I’m going to talk about or anything like that.

I’m posting all this stuff publicly as it’s information that shouldn’t be sold, period, it’s common sense.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND BOTTING. It seriously fucks up your account, Instagram knows when you’re botting. I’ve botted, it doesn’t help.

Let’s start.

“I have an account with zero followers; what do I do?”
1. Buy promotions (look below I’ll explain exactly how to do this correctly)
2. Auto Commenting (described below)
3. Auto-linking (I only recommend this if you do it right, explained below)
4. Follow/Unfollow (I only recommend this if you do it right, described below)
5. Auto engagement groups (described below)

“I have a big account already but having trouble growing it further.”
1. Shoutout For Shoutout (SFS) (explained below)
2. L/C Groups (defined below)
3. Auto engagement groups (defined below)
4. Buy promotions (look below I’ll explain exactly how to do this correctly)
5. Hashtags (described below)

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Auto Commenting:
For starters, you’re going to need proxies and a program to auto comment. I also recommend using a second PC that can run 24/7 nonstop, it, of course, can be done on your every-day-use computer, but I always used a secondary laptop I just left on.

I recommend NinjaGram ( as the program to do anything related to Instagram automation, their support team is, and the bot works perfectly.

I’ve suggested entire features to be added to this program and seen them added in within a week. The support team is unreal.

The program costs $50 lifetime (yes fucking L I F E T I M E), if you send them an email asking for a trial you can get like 1-3weeks free.

I told them I wanted to test a bunch of stuff before buying and they gave me a three-week free trial code. I recommend blazingseo proxies ( – also owned by an HF member hehe).

Make sure you buy dedicated US proxies, do not use random ass free proxies online as they break and you’ll always have to update them and click “it was me” on IG it’s just not worth it.

Five proxies cost like $4 a month. You need one proxy per account, don’t use one proxy for ten fucking accounts IG is going to give you shit.
“What happens if IG detects my account for automating” – I ran this program on five accounts auto commenting nonstop for nine months straight and never had any issues.

Keep in mind I never had any issues because I used high delays, I’m more than happy to send put my ninjagram configs on here if there’s interest.

If you’re going to try and create your delays be careful man, you will fuck up your account. I learned from my mistakes after ruining a few of my accounts.

Also by fuckup, I don’t mean like you’re going to get disabled I expect you’ll be comment blocked for a week after you post two comments.”Where do I start with auto commenting?” – So for starters, unfollow everyone you’re following.

You can do so with ninjagram in a few hours, make sure your delays are fucking high. Do not set it to unfollow someone every second; make it, so it takes a full 24hrs to unfollow everyone you’re following.

Then go to the account @swavymeme and follow everyone I’m following (some shit acc I rarely use, I’ve dedicated no time to this account). Most of the accounts are private, I would wait a few days before actually starting the auto-commenting so you can get accepted by everyone but if you don’t want to wait for it doesn’t matter.

“What should I be auto commenting” – You want to post stuff like (“Nobody has followed me in months” “Nobody likes my pictures anymore” “No one likes my pictures anymore” “No one has followed me in days”) make a considerable text file with about 50 different variations of that sentence.

I know what you’re thinking, “that’s fucking dumb nobody is going to fall for that” and sadly you’re wrong. The HF userbase compared to the general world population are two different things; people on here are fucking smart.

I know you guys trash each other all day about how dumb one and other is but people on here are smart. The general population is so stupid; people fall for this shit.

When I was doing this on my 1k-15k accounts, I was pulling about 30k profile views on each week. That’s 150,000 people who fell for my comments EVERY WEEK.

Now, of course, I wasn’t getting 150k followers every week as people come to the profile and see like “wow he posted 3 hours ago and has 100 likes people have liked his posts in the last month” so they leave.

I will say you will get followers from this though. The difference between this method and doing like F/UF is it gains active users, people clicking your profile and following were active that day, obviously as they followed so when you post again the activity spike will show.

It’s similar to the fact that if you buy a promo and gain a bunch of new followers then post an hour after the promo the post will perform VERY well.

Auto commenting stuff like “I don’t even post shoutouts, and nobody follows me anymore” also works well as all the accounts you’re going to be auto-commenting on are “shoutout” accounts.
“How do I use Ninjagram” – Honestly I don’t want to make a full blown tutorial on how to use the program as it’s pretty self-explanatory but if there are people who genuinely need help I’ll make a tutorial on how to use it.

Import the comments list, set the auto commenting settings to “feed” and make your delays HIGH. I can’t remember what my delays were but I want to say it was somewhere around it will post a comment every 180-250 seconds.

Auto liking:
I never really did this as auto-commenting worked well and I didn’t want to do auto-commenting/liking at the same time. But I know this works so I’ll explain it.

“What do I do?” – Whatever niche you’re in, find the most prominent page in the same niche as you once you’ve done that go to all their recent posts and use ninjagram to extract everyone who liked their recent/commented.

If they like a post in the same niche as you, they’ll PROBABLY like your content as well. Once you have that list, import it into ninjagram and set it to auto-like the recent post of every user on the list. People are used to getting four likes, if they get five they’ll notice you.

Once they notice you, they’re going to visit your profile, and at that point, they’ll see “oh wow I fucking love memes this account has awesome memes” and follow you. Pretty self-explanatory haha.

Once again, high delays on the auto-linking. It’s better to like a post every 3 minutes than to set it to like a post every 30 seconds and get blocked after 100 likes for a day.

I really don’t recommend this as other methods work far better and this requires two steps instead of one. You have to follow the account and then also unfollow the account. It works though haha.

The same situation as auto-liking, find the most prominent page in the same niche as you and use ninjagram to extract every user who liked their recent post then set ninjagram to follow everyone that liked the post. These people are used to getting a new follower once a month; they’ll view your profile lol.

Auto-engagement groups:
These are amazing, I still use them on my smaller accounts, and it indeed does work. It works the best if the engagement is coming from people in the same niche as you, but to get this, you need to use paid services such as fuelgram. I’m going to show you how to do it for free.

First off, you need to install telegram. Then you need to join the following groups:
– Toolscast (Free – 216M network):
Here’s a tutorial on how to add your account into the program:… IG GROUPS.txt
– SNTSPOT (Free – 10M Network):
– (I can’t remember if this one is free or paid)
– Fuelgram (Paid): Fuelgram is good, you can join auto-groups that’ll only give you engagement from people in the same niche as you, this works really well. They also have a one-week free trial.

Buying promotions:
This topic goes so much deeper than it would seem. I see so many people dumping thousands into buying shitty advertisements with shitty sets and gaining nothing/selling nothing from them. Don’t purchase promotions if you’re not going to do it correctly.

“How do I do it correctly?” – I’m going to make it real simple. For starters, only buy promotions from pages in your niche. If you buy a promo from a girls page and your account is memes, they aren’t going to engage as they want to see memes not half naked girls. You don’t want just followers, and you want followers that are going to engage and be active.

Your page will not grow if you have 100k followers and nobody is engaging on your posts. Next, only buy promotions from active accounts.

I’m very picky about who I buy promos from when I do, and I only purchase promos from accounts getting over 100k likes. I want to make it super clear that promotion from a 5M account getting 100k likes is SOOO MUCH BETTER than a promotion from a 10M account getting 50k likes.

Once you’ve found a couple of accounts, you want to buy promos from, kik them and DM them. Most people won’t ever see the DM but when you DM them make sure the first message you send is the word “PROMO” so they’ll maybe open it lol.

Ask them for their promo prices; don’t ever make an offer. Whenever you’re buying something period, make the person tell you what they want then negotiate from there.

Some people are cheap and sell themselves out, I’ve found 1M pages pulling 200k likes that charge $10 per 12hr promo. It’s just a matter of talking to everyone; you need to put in the work to find the good deals, don’t just DM 3 people and pay $800 per promo lol.

I’ve talked to thousands of people to find like three substantial users I buy promos from. If you want to waste your money, then pay $800 for a promo. I don’t want to give you a set price you should be spending as it varies from page to page and depends on your niche.

If you’re in the memes niche there are tons of meme accounts it’s easy to move on to the next person, but if you’re in a small niche where there’s only X amount of big accounts, then you’re probably going to have no choice but to pay more for a promo.

“How do I make sure my promo is going to perform well?” – If your “set” (the images in your promo) are within the same niche as the account you’re promoting on then they’ll do good.

If you’re promoting a depressing quotes page on memes, account the promo is going to do awful, and you might as well consider your money as wasted. Only buy promos from accounts in the same niche as you; I cannot stress this enough.

“How do I make a good promo set” – What I’ve always done is go to the page I want to buy a promo on, use a tool that sorts every post they’ve made in the last few months by which ones performed the best and screenshot those posts and use them in the set.

If it performed well once, it WILL perform well again ESPECIALLY if it’s posted on the same page it played well on. People on IG are fucking dumb; they’re not going to realize it’s a picture they saw three months ago.

Once you’ve done this what I do is take every picture and put something like “Check the caption” within the post itself, you can easily do this using a photo editing app.

When it comes to using videos in sets it gets a bit more complicated, and I’ve only really used pictures, so I’m not super familiar with video editing and stuff for promo clips.

I know there are apps and stuff you can put your @ and like “check the caption” at the end of the video and shit.
Do not buy 24hr+ promos. I recommend buying promos for 12hrs or less, most pages sell only 24hr+, and when they say this to me, I require the post to be deleted and reposted after 12 hours.

You won’t gain anything after 12hrs has gone by. If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck to tell them you want the post reposted every 3 hours, I’ve only found one page ever that’s willing to do this for me as people know it’s not good for their account.

Which yes, I know sounds terrible I’m hurting their page by requiring them to repost every 3 hours but hey if you don’t want my money then say no.

Shoutout for Shoutout (SFS):
Honestly, if you have a big enough account to do SFS (like 30k+ I’d say is where people generally start doing it) then you probably already know how to do it or know enough about IG to figure it out.

There isn’t much to say about this besides making the sfs promo you’re running on other pages the same way you would make a paid promo if your account is like 100k+ you can quickly get 5k+ every day doing sfs.

SFS and buying promos are the best ways to grow, don’t listen to people who say shit like “I’ll gain your account 10k overnight for $8000” they’re just running promos for your account which you can do yourself.

Always do SFS on private and don’t accept anyone until you’re done running the other person’s SFS, if you do it on public and someone comes from the other person’s page and sees a bunch of shoutouts they’re not going to follow you.

“How do I find people to do sfs with?” – Just DM every page in the same general ACTIVITY range that you have, what I do is find one page doing SFS and DM everyone they’re doing it with then go to all those profiles and DM everyone on there as well.

If you have a 30k account pulling 8k likes, I will DM every page pulling 4k+ likes even if they have 200k followers.

I do sfs with 20k pages on my 100ks just because some 20ks have insane activity; the follower count does not matter it’s the activity that does.

I would like to add that if you do SFS it will mess up your chances of hitting explore. If your account is continually hitting explore stick with that, do not do SFS.

L/C Groups:
Pretty much everyone knows what these are and how they work. Just the manual version of auto-engagement. Honestly, I don’t know what to tell you guys when it comes to getting into these groups initially, and I see people selling group adds which is a joke IMO.

I would recommend just finding a bunch of 100k+ pages and DMing them; odds are you’ll find one person who’s nice enough to add you to a few groups then dm everyone in the group asking if they’ll add you to more.

Once you’re in a bunch of groups, offer to trade with other users, pretty simple. L/C works just as well as auto-engagement.

So I’ve got mixed opinions when it comes to hashtags. What I’ve found is they only REALLY work if you’re the biggest account using them, one of the perks of being in a small niche.

If you’re running a memes account, I wouldn’t recommend using hashtags. Some accounts are weird on Instagram and will hit explore every time, some accounts are funny and will perform well using hashtags even if they aren’t the biggest account using them.

I have no idea why some people’s accounts are like this or how to build your account to be like that it just seems to happen.

I believe there is some sort of hashtag ranking system within the algorithm that favors certain accounts over others if they’re known for performing well within those hashtags, but nobody knows for sure.

General Posting:
I don’t recommend just posting random memes you find on your meme page, I recommend doing what you already did to create your promotion set as I explained above.

Find bigger pages in the same niche as you and use a tool to find posts that performed well on their pages. If it did well once, it’d do well again.

Also if you have a smaller account, respond to all your DMs people like that a lot.

Ultimately what I recommend doing:
This might be a bit unrealistic for some people, but I don’t recommend starting from scratch. I recommend buying a 100K+ account and doing sfs to grow it along with buying promos for the account. You can find 100k accounts for around $300; I’m not saying it’s easy to do, but you can see them.

“How do I hit explore”: Nobody knows how to hit it every time in a fail-proof manner, but I will say engagement groups and l/c groups significantly increase your odds.

“How do I grow a brand account”: Similar to the same way you would grow a regular page. For example, let’s say you own a clothing brand and want to grow that.

Have someone you know put on the clothing, take good pictures of them and then DM people who own big accounts based around models in logos. Something like a hypebeast brand could easily be grown through the billion hypebeast pages on Instagram.

If you have any additional questions or need help with something specific just drop your comments below, I’ll gladly help anyone who needs help.


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