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Android is a great operating system for your smartphones. However, for those who are the first time to use the Android OS, it can feel a little complex and bewildering. Google’s action of making everyone feel at home by putting layers of option screens and widgets can leave some a little lost. 

As such, here some tips on how to make things a little easier for new Android users. Indeed, Android has various models, makes, and versions that make it more difficult to search for features that are available for all devices. The tips included below are in stock on Android 7.0 Nougat. It can work on other related systems, but it can vary slightly on the menus and procedures. 

Cast your Android Screen 

For many years, you have been able to broadcast your tablet’s display and Android phone to the larger screen of television with the use of Chromecast. This is part of the effective custom IT solutions. Apart from beaming video from the movie and TV apps, this streaming device can mirror your phone. 

You can take advantage of a mirroring shortcut that can be found in the Quick Settings panel. This can be accessed by dragging down above the screen with the use of two fingers. In this menu, you can find the Cast option. 

There is another way to set up mirroring if the option does not show up. Check if you have installed the Google Home app on your phone. You might have already used this program when you set up your Chromecast. Next, you should open the app and tap the Cast screen or audio from the menu. Thereafter, select Chromecast. The device’s display will now appear on the big screen. 

Display Size 

If you are struggling to see what is shown on the screen, you can zoom in or out the objects and texts. This is part of the effective custom IT solutions. This is also true if you wish to cram as much content on the display screen and squinting is not a problem for you. However, you must remember that not all apps will respond to these adjustments. Although some of them will. 

Open the Android settings app to change the size settings and Display settings. From the display menu, click the font size link. This will enable you to change the default font size. Next, select the display size link to make the objects or text smaller or larger. 

Run Apps Side-by-Side 

With Android Nougat 7.0, there is a new feature upon which the users can run the apps side-by-side or one above the other. This view is helpful if you wish to display photos, multitask, or optimize your social networking. However, you have to take note that it can be too laggy for gaming. 

For you to set it up, you can tap the Overview button. This square icon found below the screen to the left. Then, select which of the recently used apps you wish to see. Hold and drag it to the left or top of the display. Thereafter, select another open app that you wish to appear alongside or under it. 

To switch quickly between two apps, double-tap it rather than single-tap.


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