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GLO Gbam Plus: Cheapest Glo Tariff Plan Ever @ 11k/s To All Networks

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Glo mobile recently launched a new distinct tariff plan far better than the glo bounce tariff which offers calls at the rate of 11k/s to all networks. Glo is fast joining the trend of affordable call rates across mobile network providers in Nigeria.

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Glo are trying to meet up with Mtn True Talk Plus and the Etisalat Easy Life 4.0 Also the Airtel Smart Talk which all offers calls at the rates of 11k/s across all networks.

The Glo Gbam plus is the latest Glo affordable and cheapest call tariff plan that offers all prepaid Glo subscribers the ability to make calls to all networks at 11K/sec after a daily access fee of N5. This makes the Glo Gbam plus tariff plan the lowest of all glo tariff plans in the country.

 The unique benefit of the Glo Gbam plus is that N5 will only be deducted on days you make calls, therefore you will not be charged the N5 daily access on days that you do not make any calls unlike the Mtn true talk plus tariff which attracts daily access fee of N5 even if you don’t make calls for that day.

Also with the Glo Gbam plus you can also call 5 international destinations of US, UK, China, India and Canada at a flat rate of 20k/sec. Charges of local and international SMS rates are charged at N4 for Nigeria and N10 to international destinations.

The only disadvantage of using the Glo Gbam plus tariff plan is that it doesn’t have any data attached, the plan is mainly for those who makes heavy calls. Unlike other Glo tariff plans like the Glo Gbam which gives 5MB of data for charge and the Glo Bounce which also gives 20MB.

How To Migrate To Glo Gbam Plus Tariff Plan:

    • To simply migrate to the Glo Gbam Plus Tariff plan, Just dial *100*6*1#.
  • No extra charge for migration, the Glo Gbam tariff plus is absolutely free.


The Glo bounce tariff plan is currently charged at 15k/s which makes it expensive and not affordable for the average Nigerians. Most Glo subscribers who makes heavy calls have migrated to the new Glo Gbam plus tariff plan which is quite affordable and has longer call duration with calls rates charged at just 11k/s to all networks. Also some Hidden charges  comes with the package. This is actually the cheapest glo tariff plan currently.

Kindly drop your views, experience using the Glo Gbam plus tariff at the comment section below. Thank you.


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98 thoughts on “GLO Gbam Plus: Cheapest Glo Tariff Plan Ever @ 11k/s To All Networks”

  1. Larious,

    Your submission that “the Mtn true talk plus tariff attracts daily access fee of N5 even if you don’t make calls for that day” is, obviously not true! I”m on it, and I can tell you that the daily N5 access fee is charged ONLY on days that I make calls.


    • Mtn just recently updated their systems to only charge the N5 only once a call is made. But at the initial stage when the Mtn true talk plus started they always charge N5 on a daily basis. Glad Mtn is reasonable to change their terms. Thanks for your contribution.

  2. @Demilade
    may be ur overload is active
    same happened to me nd when i called customer service, that was their response. I had to deactivate overload by dialling *201#

  3. Maybe this code *100*6*1# is incorrect,they really charge more than 11k/s better sincere with your saying fear Allah.

  4. How real is this? I migrated to it yesternight,they deducted #100 naira for migration. I was left with 100naira. I thought it was safe to call,but they deducted #84 naira for 4minutes call,nd dis morning i made 1minute call and d rest of d credit is gone. And when i load credit on my line they deduct 40naira for some stupid service i never subscribed for. I tried to cancel it several times but they dont allow me. Fraud

  5. D glo g-bam is not all too good at all because,if i have 4naira on my phone and am yet to pay d daily 5naira daily fee,i can’t even use it to flash.Unlike mtn u can still use it to flash nd even make call but d tariff would now be 26k/sec

  6. Mtn truetalk+ is quite good more than dat glo gbam+ and etisalat easy life simply bcoz on my mtn truetalk+ i also offered of 10MB 4 7days on recharge of #100…… Tumb up 4 mtn

    • The glo gbam plus package is free for migration, The only possible reason that amount was deducted might be you migrated to more than one tariff plan within a month or so. Or it might be an additional service you subscribed.

  7. I went to glo office today 29 sept 2015 and their customer care attendant told me that weather or not i make calls, the N5 rental will be deducted every day as long as i have up to N5 on my account.

  8. I also face sesame prob dat u guys complaint to d extent I stop loading on ma glo sim until recently dat some 1 borrow it DAT he want to used it for subscription nd recharged #200 surprisingly I was given 15mb #400to call all network nd #200for fnf but d fnf is not usable I tried to register 1 num nid dy don’t allow me. nd I confirm my tarriff by dialing #100# still on gbam plus nd also dy have not deduct dia #5 since d day of migration.

  9. For d purpose of clarity, I just have to comment on dis issue. I’m currently on d Gbam Plus(Extra) tariff plan. On d issue of d 40k/sec charge: u are only charge 40k/sec when there’s credit on ur bonus(overload) acct. bt after u exhaust d credit on ur bonus acct, @ dis stage glo will now collect #5 access fee frm ur main acct. After which u will billed @ 11k/sec as advertised. Note: d #5 daily access fee nd d bill of 11k/sec are only applicable to ur main acct balance. It doesn’t extend to ur bonus acct. Dis invariably means Glo has d best tariff plan in naija.

  10. I guess some people r making an empty case for glo. But it is pretty poor and confusing.

    I just migrated about 30mins ago. No migration fee was deducted but a second is more than 11k. I had N104 on my main balance, NOT overload balance as u tried to explain. After 3 mins and 40 seconds of call, my balance was N32. I made another another call for exactly 1min (60 seconds), my balance thereafter was N7. Both calls were charged on my main account.

    That balance i.e. Is supposed to serve me with @ least 9 minutes of call. I got only 4min, 40 seconds and a balance of N7. Who needs glo gbam +. When mtn gives no hassle.

  11. Glo,you are not helping matters at all. indeed u re just telling lies to get customers, why can’t you people be honest to your customers. You are calling people to migrate to glo g-bam+ of which you know is not what you are advertising to people. your call rate is 40k per second… please be honest in all you do and make adjustments. Thanks

  12. Glo.. D 419 ntwork.. I hav been on dis gbam, 4 almost 5 months na.. Only yesterday night I just recharge my line wit 100.. Woke up dis mrng, to hear my gf voice, I was told my acc was empty, ha.. So I was na tinking, mayb I recharge d phone in my dream.. Although d use credit was lieing on d floor, bt I wasn’t so sure,,, so I bought anoda 100 naira, called my gal.. Just exactly 17 seconds.. Dey sent me dere stupid notification, dat last call was 17 seconds @ 95 naira.. (Since wen) ???

  13. Dis glo fraud is also happening on my line. Last wkend i recharge #100 and i mk call of 16sec, my balance remained #3. I call their customer care and dey told me dat i subscribe for glo overload, i since then try to opt out bt dey did nt allow me. On Wednesday eveni i have balance of #140 on my line, i made call of 26sec and my balance remain #2. Even if dey charge 40k per sec #140 cannt go for 26sec. I think its time to migrate to MTN. Glo is becomin fraud.

  14. Am.alex
    To say the real fact about this glo people,they has nothing to offer the nation all of their packages were full of fraud,cheating,theft,and more like that,,don’t just argue on gbam plus only it happen on all there tariff plan..Glo was the most stupid and useless network with hiden charges on all there not saying mtn is the best nor etisalat but glo is more worsen than any of them..if u cannot go for etisalat then Mtn is till preferable than Glo network…I think u can stil reach NCC on there platform and let’s keep reporting them..Dial 622 now its free..glo is out of it

  15. true talk plus is real. Glo should stop faking the good effort of mtn. Only your data plans gives me hope. for Glo Gbam, una be unlimited error.

  16. I hv migrated to Glo Gbam plus but d way u are charging me is different from what u said. And also person on gbam extra is he he not entitle to 200% ?

  17. It will never better for glo network and those who comments that glo network is good. Mtn is the best network jaree. They deducted 40k/sec in gbam+ and 50/sec in gbam. 419 network. I will try the best to report them to the house of assembly. Unfortunate network.

    • The glo free tomorrow plan is an addon plan and not a actual call tariff plan, Dial #100# to know your current tariff plan, then if you want to migrate to gbam plus you can opt in.

  18. GLO Gbam Plus: Cheapest Glo Tariff Plan Ever @ 11k/s To All Networks… This fucking liers remove 50k/s.. I hate this fucking network and I will remove the fucking sim now… Fuck off fuck off

  19. For those who are complaining about the 50kobo/sec billing on gbam plus, i think the issue is because you are simulteneously subscribed to the 200% recharge bonus or any other promo. If you want to enjoy gbam, you would have to opt out of any other form of bonus, like maybe getting 4000 airtime by loading 1000and all those fake freebies. Just dial *201# to opt out from any bonus offer/deal after you’ve migrated to gbam plus. First, migrate to gbam plus by using the code *100*6*1#. Then use *201# to get out of any promo. I’m quite positive the crazy deductions will stop after then. no more 200% recharge bonus, but 5 naira daily rental fee will still be deducted on your first calls daily and after that it should be 11k/sec all the way. Hope this info helps someone.

  20. I migrated to this tariff plan last month and i don’t think i will ever leave. This plan is the best. I am charged 11k per sec and for those complaining, am very sure u are on one of those bonus. If u want to enjoy this package opt out by dialing *201#
    This tariff plan is amazing

  21. Comment: maybe sometimes in the past u’ve activated 200% bonus, simply dial *201# to deactivate and enjoy 12k/sec on glo gbam plus not 11k/sec. It happened to me when i first migrated to gbam.

  22. I just want to say dat am enjoying d package,for those complaining pls remember to deduct 5naira from the call charge if it’s ur first call of d day so d charge minus 5naira is d actual charge,in case u still notice unnecessary charge,pls visit d nearest Glo office (customer care) it will be resolved immediately. I really wish I can explain how much am enjoying dis plan,I make long international calls so conveniently without any fear and it’s same with local calls. Tnks

  23. i rem subscribed to the 200% recharge bonus around jan …. trying to opt now with the *201# with the response below:
    ” This Offer is available only for Glo prepaid Customers ”
    Does it mean im out? Thanks.

  24. larioyus, ol boi u do well oh, buh i want to find out about the importing from china. i would like to purchas som things from there.
    how viable is this.

    • You can import from various china online dealers like aliexpress and the likes. But first do online research about importing. I dont do import business.

  25. This is fraud indeed. I migrated to GLO gbam plus, immediately all my bonus were removed. I made a call and checked my balance to discovered that 50k/sec was deducted after my calculations. I decided to migrate back to infinito and was told that my balance was not up to N100 to do that. Thief, I will go back to my mtn except u return my money

    • This is not fraud, once you migrate to a new tariff plan all your previous bonus would be gone. because migration to another tariff plan would make you loose your previous bonus which cant be transferred to your new tariff plan. Also you have one free migration a month, if your migrating to another plan you would be charged N100.

    Now call everybody at special rate of 12k/Sec to ALL NEWORKS .No hidden charges. To get this Special rate, just dial *100*6*1# NOW!

    This is the message sent to my box:

    #It infers that no charges of any sort is applicable. Why is a migration charge of N100 demanded on dailing the given code?

    #I thought the tarriff on this plan is 11k/sec how come the hike to 12k/sec, in the message?

    Isn’t this decisive?

  27. Glo network is too dubious. Each time I give it a try, I always have regret cos they do the opposite of what is advertised. They are very dishonest. I got free 50 sms from my subscription yet Im charged and the free sms are intact. Glo is a rogue i don’t value them. MTN plans are the best from zone to special to pulse to whatever. They give what they advertise. Glo will just take ur money for no reason, they lure you to fake promo only to get the opposite.

  28. i rem subscribed to the 200% recharge bonus around jan …. trying to opt now with the *201# with the response below:
    ” This Offer is available only for Glo prepaid Customers ”
    Does it mean im out? How do I change to a prepaid line. Thanks.

  29. Glo is truly not sincere. They advertised 11k per sec for Gbam plus but they charge 12k per sec. Why? This is absolute dishonesty.

  30. Today I discovered that this package has been altered without pre-notification from glo.

    The Glo Gbam Plus is now 15 kobo per second

  31. Mr Larious this is just a of scamming Nigerians glo charges 15kobo per second to other networks and I have called the customer service but they got nothing to do about it.

  32. I don’t know why Glo started deducting 5 naira from my account claiming I subscribe to GBAM PLUS, whereas I never subscribe to any GBAM or GBAM PLUS.
    Please I want Glo to correct this urgently. For now I will stop recharging the line and if the trend continues, I will be left with no other option than to discard the line.


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