New Mtn Tariff Plan: Call As Low As 11k/Secs With MTN TruTalk Plus

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MTN recently added yet another tariff plan to their lists of prepaid tariff plans which actually offers calls at 11k/sec to all networks.  The MTN TruTalk+ is an upgrade of the MTN TruTalk Plan.  MTN trutalk plus is the tariff Plan that truly connects over 160 million people at 11k/sec and 50% discount on international calls to the most important destinations across the world.

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Customer on MTN TruTalk+ tariff plan will pay daily access fee of N5 to enjoy low call rate of 11k/s to all networks and discounted International rate of 50% discount to 5 popular destinations.


MTN decided to stop this package by sending text messages to customers as stated “Dear Customer, MTN TruTalk+ plan is no longer available. But you can get more value on MTN trueTalk with 100% on every N100 and above.”

MTN TrueTalk plus

 Update On Mtn True Talk Plus Tariff Plan Now 20k/s

Got an Mtn text message on the 10th of October 2015, Stating an update in the mtn true talk plus tariff plan, Mtn said “The truTalk+ is now 20k/s with an 100% bonus on every recharge made by dialing *885*Pin# “

Mtn true talk no longer works on 11k/s. Please note

Benefits of MTN TruTalk+

Customers will enjoy all of the following benefits when on MTN TruTalk + tariff plan:

  • 11kobo/sec to all networks in Nigeria.
  • 50% off calls to 5 international destinations including: UK (mobile & fixed), US, Canada, China and India.

How To Migrate To Mtn TruTalk Plus:

  • To Migrate to MTN TruTalk+, dial *123*20# or send TP to 131

MTN true talk plus


Who can opt in to MTN TruTalk +?

  • All MTN Prepaid customers can opt in to MTN TruTalk + tariff plan.

If I am an MTN Postpaid customer, can I migrate to MTN TruTalk +?

  • No, MTN Postpaid customers CANNOT migrate to the MTN TruTalk + tariff plan.

How much will I be charged for migrating to MTN TruTalk +?

  • The migration to MTN TruTalk+ is FREE of charge

How does a customer view the eligible international destinations?

  • To view eligible destinations, TruTalk + customers will dial: *123*21#

Summary of Commands:

Activity USSD Command SMS Command
Opt in  (Migrate) *123*20# TP to 131
View International Destinations *123*21# TPVIEW to 131
Opt out  (Delete) *123*22# NOTP to 131

The best tariff plans on the MTN network is the MTN better talk, MTN Zone they offer very call rates on the Mtn network. This currently the cheapest Mtn call tariff plan.


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28 thoughts on “New Mtn Tariff Plan: Call As Low As 11k/Secs With MTN TruTalk Plus”

  1. Mtn zone once u leave your zone and try to make call they collect all you have benefited from your zone…. so to me e no make sense… mtn should be for anywhere u go for real.

  2. Mtn are nt strength forward dis day y. In my area many people are no long using mtn just because of there greedness nawaooo mtn make u na better change.ooooooo

  3. Mtn is bad, mtn greedy, mtn over charge at calls, mtn this mtn that but if mtn goes a day without service we lament because MTN is the mother of all networks in Nigeria… Mtn make una better change make we enjoy small benefit from una. pls o mak e no be give and take o bcuz na una way b dat. MTN! EVERYWHERE YOU GO!

  4. hOW ARE BONUSES GIVEN IN MTN TRU TALK PLUS following airtime recharge? I noticed that atimes I am being given bonuses and at other times I am not given. Is it monthly or weekly and is it after a recharge of a minimum amount?

  5. Mtn sent me a text today that true talk+ no longer exists, and they migrated me to true talk which zap my money asap. Please Larious can you help with another tariff to opt in now

    • I make use of Mtn Zone, its the only mtn tariff that offers all calls at 12k/secs. Yo cant see a plan as low as mtn zone. I recommend you opt in to Mtn zone and see if it suits your needs. Thanks

  6. when you mean all calls, is other networks inclusive? and what is the chances of having higher rates up to 20k above . Cuz that’s the reason I opt out from mtn zone. There was a time they started charging 24 & 40k/secs that’s why I change to true talk+

  7. Pls I am on mtn trutalk plan..but when I dial *560# in order to view my 11 f&f replies me “incorrect ascess code”
    And when I want to add a number to the 11 f&f list it replies me “welcome to VAS pending approval portal” pls help me with these issues


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