How To Check All Network Call Tariff Plans

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Nigerian-NetworksIf I ask you right this very moment what call tariff plan are you currently on, would you be able to answer? Are you sure your call tariff is affordable, cheap, allows you talk more? Many of us do not actually have any idea of our current call tariff plan.

The sad part is that, practically all network providers automatically place their subscriber number on much expensive tariff plans so they can make more money, and you the poor subscriber got no idea on what is actually going on, you just discover your credit is always not enough to make calls whenever you want, you have to always top up your credit balance to call.

New Call Tariff Plans 

Do you know you can talk for hours with little credit? You can make long calls at any given time and you discover you still have credit left, all this can be achieved when you are on an affordable call tariff plan that also suits your every needs with awesome packages and features.

For example you might believe you are on Mtn truetalk but instead you’re on Mtn zone, same goes for Glo, Airtel, Etisalat tariff plans. Making sure you are on the right call tariff plan is indeed beneficial to you and your pocket. It’s best you opt for a call tariff plan that offers low call rates and charges.

I actually see vivid reasons why we often forget our current call tariff plans, its simply because every now and then new tariff plans comes up frequently and thereby causing confusion on which tariff plan to opt in for. Let’s say today you saw an advert of a new call tariff plan that offers discounted calls and cheap call rates, then next week another interesting new tariff plans comes to light, you would also like to migrate to the new one, so often we forget our current tariff plans and just settle for any tariff plans your network provider placed you on.

I always recommend you follow the trends, get informed, be enlighten and you discover life is actually not that bad and full of issues and all. You can still save money and talk more 😀

For the benefit all everyone, this article would inform you on how to check your call tariff plan on all network providers in Nigeria.

How To Check Your Network Call Tariff Plan

Dial these codes on your device and your call tariff plan would pop up:

  • MTN: Dial *123*1*2#
  • GLO:  Dial #100#, Ignore when you see: USSDC:ESME unreachable, and redial the code until you see your current call tariff plan
  • ETISALAT: Dial *244*3#
  • AIRTEL: Dial *121*5*2#

For any questions or issues, kindly drop a comment. Thank You 😀


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