MTN Zone Trick: How To Call Any Network For 4k/sec

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mtn zoneThe Mtn zone trick isn’t a new thing anymore, I know most of us already know about using the mtn zone tariff plan to call any network. This article is just an eye opener for those who didn’t know about the awesome trick using mtn zone. Below is a detailed tutorial showing you how you can also make calls to any network for the same tariff meant for calling MTN numbers.


Having migrated to the MTN zone tariff plan, you are entitled to enjoy low discount calls based on your location and time frame of calling.  The lowest call discount during the day is 4k/sec. Do you know you can actually call any mobile network either airtel, glo, etisalat and others for the same 4k/sec?  The Mtn zone tariff plan is quite awesome.

The Mtn zone trick is quite helpful in times of need when you realized you just have N50 and you want to call a glo number urgently based on a business transaction or immediate family matters, do you know you can actually talk up to 5mins or more with just using N50 calling on the time frame of 4k/sec tariff.

Read more about Mtn zone tariff plan.

How To Call Any Network For 4k/Sec

Let’s get started, below is a detailed step by step approach with screenshots showing you how to make calls to any mobile network for 4k/sec with your Mtn zone tariff plan.

I used my Nokia 105 to illustrate and show how the steps are done, it’s quite very simple and easy to do.

  • Firstly, you need to migrate to the Mtn zone tariff plan by dialing *135*1#
  • To call any network number on your mtn zone tariff plan, you need to *555 at the end of the other network number before dialing the call button. By simply adding *555 at the end of any non MTN number before calling enables the other network number to act like a mtn number. The trick here is adding the *555 at the end of the number before calling it.
  • Whenever the mtn zone tariff falls down to its lowest which is 4k/sec during the day, it is time to start calling other network numbers at the same rate of 4k/sec or 8k/sec or more. Based on my personal experience using mtn zone tariff plan, I tend to take note of the actual time tariffs falls to 4k/sec. It’s from 11am to 4pm. between these time frames calls falls to the lowest during the day.

Below is a practical example:

  • When you notice the mtn zone tariff falls to 4k/sec


  • Dial any network you wish to call, I called a glo number and add *555 at the end: Dial 080566—503*555


  • Now press the call button and enjoy calls for 4k/sec


NOTE: You can also use this trick to make free night calls to your friends and family that are using Glo, Airtel, Etisalat numbers.

How To Reduce Mtn Zone Tariff When Charging High (16k to 24k/s)

MTN zone charges you based on the area/location you are at a given time frame. If you are in a crowded, over populated or most times an area with a good reception for internet connectivity (3G, H+). You tend to pay high compared to those in villages, rural areas.

For those using a small Nokia phone you do not need this, because your small Nokia phone is automatically configured. But for those using smartphones, Simply change your mobile network to edge and try calling again after some minutes to enable you to be charged less (4k, 8k, 12k) respectively.

I hope this detailed tutorial has greatly impacted someone, and inspire others to be the boss.


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  1. Comment: this 4k and 8k of a thing doesn’t work at all, mtn zone was the best before. try and look deep into it to reduce the call rate.
    it will be every were we go

  2. Pls, my cell broadcast is not showing on my bold 2.
    I have enabled the cell broadcast.
    I need to see the broadcast on the home screen so that I can know the right time to make call on my mtn zone tariff

    • Yeah it doesnt work on blackberry or other android devices, but works great on small Nokia devices, But When making calls you would be shown the call charges.

  3. mtn zone’s lowest tariff is now 12k per second. it is hardly the best tariff plan at present. it seems Mtn Beta Talk is now cheaper. And sorely, the tariff plan rockets to 24k per second between 6pm to 9pm. Not nice…


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