Cheapest MTN Tariff Plan Ever: Call As Low As 4k/sec – 8k/sec

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With MTN Zone you can make calls for as low as from 1 kobo per second to MTN-to-MTN calls depending on the area and time of the day. I recently made a call in the afternoon for 30mins with just N100.Mtn zone is currently the cheapest tariff plan on the Mtn network. If you always call mostly Mtn numbers, i advice you migrate to Mtn zone. I just had to share my personal experience using the Mtn zone maybe it might be of help to someone in reducing his/her cost of buying credit and increase the talk time for as low as 4kb/per sec.

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Mtn Zone has the following exciting services:

  • Discounted MTN-to-MTN calls for as low as 1k/sec
  •  Happy Hour
  •  Start of Call Notification
  • Access to all MTN Value Added Services

Tips On When To Make Calls With Mtn Zone

We all know using Mtn zone to make Mtn – Mtn calls depends on the area and time of the day right? Now there are certain time during the day you get to make calls extremely low and cheap. Based from my personal experience using the Mtn zone tariff plan, I discovered the lowest and highest time zone to make calls for as low as 1kb/per sec, 4kb/per sec and 8kb/per sec. Also, certain time of the day attracts calls as high as 12kb/ per sec , 20kb/per sec and higher.

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Below is my own statistics time zone during the day to make low call rates

Calls from 8am – 11am attracts 8kb/ per sec

12pm – 2pm attracts 4kb/per sec sometimes 2kb or lesser.

The best time to make low calls falls in ther afternoon and sometimes in the evening before 7pm. Onces its past 8pm to 10pm call rates are high.

Benefits And Features Of Using Mtn Zone:

  • You will get better value for your money by enjoying discounted calls on your MTN-to-MTN calls for as low as 1 kobo per second depending on the area and time of the day within Zone coverage area.
  • You will always see the available discount displayed on your handset at every point in time when your cell broadcast is turned ON.
  • You will get a start of call notification message notifying you the rate at which your call will be charged at once you initiate a call.
  • Calls you make during Happy Hour – from 12:00am to 04:00am – everyday will be FREE of charge everyday as long as you have a minimum balance of NGN100 in your account at 00:00.
  •  You will also be able to enjoy Happy Hour calls between 00:00am to 4:00am daily for as low as 1k/sec when you don’t have up to N100 in your main account at 00:00.
  • You will be able to enjoy other prepaid services.

How To Migrate To MTN Zone

Migration is free and easy: simply dial *135*1# from your MTN handset to migrate

Short Codes For Easy Use of Mtn Zone

Registration: 1351# send

Registration status: *135# send

Deregistration: 1359# send

Information: 1352# send

Applicable tariffs: 1353# send

Cell broadcast set-up information: 1354# send

Zone Help: 1355# send

Notification off: 135*6# send

Notification on: 1357# send

Information: 1358# send


But I’m being charged 40k/sec on MTN zone

Ans: Whenever you want to make calls on MTN Zone tariff, simply switch your mobile network to 3G only. You must have 3G network in your area to enjoy extremely low tariff on MTN zone.

You need to activate the cell broadcast on your phone so that you can see the available discount when you are in Zone coverage area.

You will receive a start of call notification message once you start a call showing you the rate at which your call will be charged.

See Screenshots Below:




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75 thoughts on “Cheapest MTN Tariff Plan Ever: Call As Low As 4k/sec – 8k/sec”

  1. Mtnzone is nolnga what it use to be b4,ryt nw we no lnga make call at 4k/s or 8k/s dey always pres it 20k/s, 24k/s ans 40k/s.

  2. I’ve not been enjoying my MTN zone like before, no 4kb,8kb,12kb even 16k is once in a while but 20,24k is always available. What’s happening are they duping us again since they can’t succeed with dstv. I don’t understand oooooo

  3. Its actually strange that the Mtn zone tariff rate are ridiculous and the lowest rate is now 12kb/sec. Also the trick to call other network has been stopped. Am currently working on a new way around that.

  4. Hmmmmmm…….Na wa 4 Mtn Ooo! Na so they wan mak moni? Abi na bcos Naira don fall? Wetin be their Prob sef?

  5. I noticed same thing in my area; the cheapest now on mtn zone is 12k/sec. Dont tnk they lll still go back to 8kb n 4kb/sec.

  6. Lie! Lies, for pass one mouth now all my call are 40k per sec. My phone will 8k but when i try to make call it they display 40k or 24k in Gombe state

  7. The best alternative is Mtn true talk plus which offers all calls to any network at the rate of 11k/sec. Mtn zone has casted….But we all had our share while it lasted.

  8. No recent development on the mtn zone tariff. Advise you migrate to mtn true talk plus. The mtn zone tariff plan is a waste and mtn is trying to makeup to its loyal subscribers with the mtn true talk plus which offers 11k/sec to all networks.

  9. Hi am Hilary,I ve been in mtn zone and there are doing well chargin me low rate bt as time goes on,they started chargin me high to 12k/per sec as the lowest rate,that is why I droped mtn zone.

  10. mtn no the try, you guys don’t have integrity, you’re letting down your company because you don’t have value for your words. what you guys said about mtn Zone is different from what you’re doing. the call rate is high, worst of all, you still charge customers from 4:00am. mtn you should go to hell and you will see how other network providers will take your place with time.

  11. It been so long that MTN has made 12k it cheapest charges per seconds….since i knew that i moved to MTN TrueTalk because that the best option left.

  12. lol… I like reading different perceptions….. these services are trying their best for us to linger and keep patronising ’em, we all have to appreciate what they do cuz I am sure they sometime “Belle sweet yhu” …… Larious …..give us #cheat#

  13. Shut up there sir, I guess u are an agent of mtn, mtn network dey vex me, they are very stupid, sometimes they will call u with a strange number if u pick it, your credit will vanish, is that a network ?

  14. Mtn sometimes will flash u with an international number, if u call the number, your card is gone, they remove 10 naira per second

  15. aw do I get pop up on my fine weneva I want to call on mtn zone, I don’t use tobget measage to notify me aw much I will b charged. am using tecno h6

  16. Your device should have cell broadcast automatically enabled, Mtn would show you the current tariff rate when you want to make a call on the mtn zone

  17. MTN has totally change indeed. I think dey are just duping US. Now mtn don’t have any good tariff plan is Dat gud and dey call deirself a network

  18. Brother Larious
    all we are asking is the migration code to this your true talk plus, but pray it’s shouldn’t be another tricks

  19. In fact all the mtn tariff is totally bad no one is good among of them could you emaging i have 110 naira on my i call for four minutes then money finish and i am on mtn zone

  20. Yello, i want a tariff dat wil benefit me wen i load air time,i wil be granted data dat wil last me 7days pls send me d code, for instance 100 air time +10mb for7days

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