How To Install OS 10.3.1 & Upgrade Your BB10 Device On PC

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BlackBerry-OS-10.3.1BlackBerry 10 OS, version 10.3.1 brings together a refreshed look and feel, along with powerful new features designed to boost productivity, collaboration and communication with better performance and a decent increase in battery life.  Android apps are also running better with the updated android runtime in 10.3.1.The latest OS 10.3.1 is superb with amazing features listed below:

  • BlackBerry Blend – BlackBerry Blend brings messaging and content that is on your BlackBerry smart phone to your computer and tablet. Get instant message notifications, read and respond to your work and personal email, BBM™ and text messages, and access your documents, calendar, contacts and media in real-time on whatever device you are on, powered by your BlackBerry. BlackBerry Blend works across multiple operating systems including Mac, Windows®, iOS and Android™.*
  • Dual app storefronts, offering hundreds of thousands of apps:
    • BlackBerry World – BlackBerry World showcases essential business and productivity apps for professionals looking to drive efficient communications and collaboration.
    • Amazon Appstore – The Amazon Appstore is the place to download popular Android apps and games including favorites like Candy Crush Saga, Pinterest, Kindle and Cut the Rope 2.
  • BlackBerry Assistant – The BlackBerry Assistant is BlackBerry’s first digital assistant and can be used with voice and text commands to help users manage work and personal email, contacts, calendar and other native BlackBerry 10 applications. It’s the only smart phone assistant on the market today that can access both personal and work content in your work perimeter. BlackBerry Assistant intelligently determines how to respond to you based on how you interact with it – if you type, it responds silently, if you speak, it speaks back and if you activate over Bluetooth, it speaks back with additional context because it assumes you might not have access to the screen.
  • BlackBerry Hub with Instant Actions – The one place to manage all your conversations – email, texts, BBM, phone calls, social media and more – just got better. The new instant actions feature allows you to quickly organize and action your inbox without having to go into each individual message or calendar invite. Toggle the read status and file, flag or delete an email message with a single tap. When you’re composing an email, you can now transfer the conversation to a voice call, SMS or meeting invite.
  • Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts – Keyboard shortcuts are back for BlackBerry 10 smartphones with a physical QWERTY keyboard including the BlackBerry Q5, Q10, Passport and the Porsche Design P’9983 smartphone from BlackBerry. As you once could on your beloved BlackBerry® Bold and as you can on the recently launched BlackBerry® Classic, you can now make use of nearly every letter in the physical keyboard and give it an action like Speed Dial for a contact, or use them to launch your most-used apps. For example, from the Hub press “T” to get to the top of your inbox or “B” to get to the bottom to make short work of getting through your messages.
  • More Battery Power – You can now boost your battery life by up to 15 percent by customizing your Power Saving Profile. Quickly select the applications and functions you would like to restrict or remain active to conserve power.
  • New Camera Functions – The upgraded camera software automatically recommends modes and settings, including HDR when sharp contrast is detected and an enhanced Time Shift mode when faces are detected. Now you have the option to store your Time Shift captures and edit them into the perfect photo whenever you want. Get the whole picture by capturing a panorama. Our new camera also brings your most common modes and actions to the forefront – you’ll never need to switch between your camera and video recorder again. You can even record video and take pictures at the same time.
  • More Ways to Edit, Create, Sort and Listen to Media – Enjoy your media the way it was meant to sound, with 17 preset equalizer options for both music and video. With 10.3.1, you now have the ability to “Favorite” songs, photos or videos so they are always at your fingertips. With the new slow motion video edit feature and built-in Story Maker, it’s never been easier to master your media and share it with the world.
  • A Calendar that Works for You – The new Meeting Mode option will automatically set your phone to quiet mode for the duration of your meeting, and then turn notifications back on when it’s over. Plus, a new weekly agenda view allows you to see your events and tasks for the selected week or month.
  • BBM® Meetings – BBM Meetings offers business users a new way to work smarter and be more productive from any Android, iPhone, BlackBerry 10 smart phone or Windows PC or Mac.** It combines a mobile-optimized user experience that allows on-the-go professionals to schedule, host and participate in meetings anywhere you have an internet connection. All at a fraction of the cost of other leading collaboration solutions.

As we all know, the lastest OS 3.1 is available over the air (OTA) upgrade availability is subject to carrier certification and approval. So if you’re among the unlucky ones and your carrier hasn’t released this update as of yet, not to worry rest assured we’re here to help. Here is a method which enables you to update your device to the latest version, in the event your carrier has not released the update.

How To Upgrade To OS 3.1 On Your BB10 Device

NOTE: Before we begin, please be advised this is a guideline only. You must exercise caution while performing all actions. Always backup of your device first. LKT will not be responsible to any failure/damage that may be caused to your device during the process.

Required Tools

  • Download and install Sachesi for Windows or Mac (current version is v2.0.0 RC).
  • Micro USB Cable

Lets Get Started:

Upgrade Process

  • Turn on Development Mode on your device (Settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode)

BB10 settings

  • Search for available OS updates by other carriers. You can do that by entering the country and carrier codes under “Whitelist Settings” section.
  • Select the Search tab


  • Launch Sachesi
  • Connect your device to your computer with your Micro USB cable
  • Search for available OS updates by other carriers. You can do that by entering the country and carrier codes under “Whitelist Settings” section.

bb 10 updates

  • We recommend using the codes 234 / 010, and selecting the device you’re attempting to upgradePress the Search button. At this point you should see the available OS version at the right hand side of the screen. If you see the correct version, continue to the next step. Otherwise, verify the country/carrier codes match the above image.


  • Select Download. Now the OS will be downloaded to your computer

bb10 updates

  • Once the download completes, navigate to the Install tab.

    Select Install Folder. In the file explorer window, navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded and press Select Folder. The installation process will be carried out now.

    Patiently wait until the new version is installed on your device. (This may take up to an hour or so. Do not use your device during the entire process.)

    Once the installation is done, your device will restart

Welcome to OS 10.3.1

bb10 os 3.1 specs


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  1. I downloaded the software successfully. after restarting my pc i’m unable to locate the file although I saw it when the download completed pls help

  2. pls i just bought this new q5,de sent me a notification to update to the newest version,i tried to do dat, then in the middle of the road it started saying i should freeup some 1.8gb of space…wat should i do since i havent installed any app nothing

  3. on my Q5, the OS is updated, but 2 of my alphabets on the keyboard has been affected. ON pressing letter “A”, it gives “Q”, and vice versa, and on typing letter “Z” it gives “W” and vice versa. it makes my typing miserable. please help


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