How To Download Torrent Files On Your Android

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utorrent-androidEvery torrent downloader can testify to the fact that Torrent completely revolutionized the mode of downloading for everyone. If you want to download the latest music album of your favorite artist or all the seasons of your favorite TV show, Torrent clients allow you to quickly download large files using trackers from its enormous user base, you can even use your android device to leech all the possible stuff available on the torrent.

μTorrent is definitely the king of all BitTorrent clients. Everyone loves torrents and free sharing. Torrents are one of the most reliable medium to download anything from the Internet.

Below are compiled list of torrent apps for Android that we have found to be the best of the best and can work on all android devices.

Top 6 Torrent Apps For Android

1. uTorrent – Beta

This is the official android app from the developers of the most famous torrent app: utorrent. While it is being tagged as a beta release, the app works quite well like its desktop counterpart.

You can search for torrents and download them directly to your Android phone. The app is compatible with Android tablets too. Download uTorrent Beta from Android playstore.

2. BitTorrent Beta

This is the second official app from the same developers who developed uTorrent. With rest of the functionality remaining same, this app is a bit heavy on the cpu usage on the Android tablets. But like uTorrent Beta, even this app has no size limit on the torrents that you can download and gives you option to select the storage where want your torrents to be saved. Also, the app is quite responsive and works swiftly over a Wi-fi connection. Download BitTorrent beta from Android playstore.

3. Flud

Flud is a simple yet powerful torrent downloaded which uses the BitTorrent protocol to fetch files for you. There are no speed limits on download or uploads so you are practically downloading at the fastest speeds your IPS is providing you. This is great because some torrent apps for Android limit the speeds depending on the duration of your seeding habits. The app also allows you to select which files you want to download from a full torrent and you can also prioritize files. This torrent app for Android also supports magnet links, which is great for those who love on-click downloads.

Flud allows you to move files while they are downloading. This means if you are short on storage space, you can easily move the files to the micro SD card. Download Flud from Google play store Here

4. AndTorrent

AndTorrent is another torrent app for your Android device that has other added features like File priority, Queuing and others in addition to torrent search and direct download to phone. Not to mention, it has an appealing widget too that shows you the progress of your torrent downloads right from your home screen. Download AndTorrent for Android

5. aTorrent

aTorrent: If you are looking for the best torrent app for Android, aTorrent is certainly the best in straightforwardness. Magnetic links will grab torrents with one click and start downloading it in an instant. You can also queue multiple torrents at a time which continue downloading in the background. If you require a no hassle torrent app, this is the one for you. The clean white interface oozes with quality and presents a pristine looking experience. Features:

  • Torrent search dialogue and magnet link support.
  • Open torrents straight from the browser.
  • Select the download folder and enable partial downloads
  • You can limit downloads through WiFi and even pause downloads when the phone is not docked. This means the app will download only when you feel it is convenient and save a lot of battery time.

 Download aTorrent from Google play store Here

6. tTorrent lite

tTorrent is one of the most popular torrent app for Android. Going by the user review everywhere, this torrent app for Android works flawlessly out-of-the-box. Some of the noticeable features of tTorrent include : Wi-fi only mode, Wi-fi or WiMAX mode, searching, multiple downloads, able to limit Upload/Download speed, magnet link support, trackerless torrent (DHT) support, encryption and creating your own torrents. The free version is ad-supported but you can search for a paid version in the Android marketplace too. Download tTorrent free from Android playstore

Have fun downloading!! 😀


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