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There is no doubt in that iPhone is a symbol of class and luxury. iPhones weren’t so familiar as that of today about a couple of years ago.

Still, some rich people prefer Android over iPhone due to the flexibility it offers. In case you are an individual who has an Android mobile and, likes to make it an exact copy of iPhone in terms of firmware, you have just landed on the right place as I am going to introduce a few iPhone launchers for Android.

So without further ado, let’s get into the core of this article.

Best iPhone Launcher for Android; Pick One from the Following

iphone launcher for android

Instead of giving you with only one launcher, I have got a bunch of applications. It is up to you whether to go with which one. Obviously, the best iPhone launcher for Android differs from person to person. Recently, we have also shared best android launchers.

I know you are impatiently waiting to get the list. Hence, here it goes!

1. Espire Launcher

iphone launcher apps for android

When it comes to Android iPhone launchers, Espire comes first in my mind. You know what the specialty of iPhone’s interface is, right? Unlike most of the Android UI, iPhone doesn’t have an app drawer as all the applications are arranged on the home screen itself. So, once you unlock the phone, you can get rid of that extra tap you need to access the app drawer on regular Android phone.

Espire Launcher here follows the same format. And, you can add a maximum of eight widgets on a single page. But it is mandatory to ensure that widgets don’t slow down your device.

Once you install the app and setup in the right way, it will ease the user experience. You will not find any lag or stutter whatsoever.

You get two different types of UI on Espire launcher, i6 and i7. It is up to you whether to go with which one. After all, both the styles resemble two different versions of iOS.

It is possible for you to customize the icon size on the Aspire Launcher. And overall, the app provides you with a smooth experience.

You will get to know what I am saying is literally true once you download this launcher.

Download Aspire Launcher

2. One Launcher

iOS launcher for Android

So the next iOS launcher for Android in this list is One. You might have heard about One Launcher in the past.

I know the fact that iPhone 10 is doing rounds among Apple lovers. But a non-Apple user can hardly tell the difference between iOS 8 and iOS 10 on the first glance itself. The One Launcher here gives your phone iOS 8 look.

If your phone is strong in terms of GPU and performance, you can tweak the transitions and animations. One Launcher completely duplicates icons, user interface and transitions of iOS. The only way to figure out the exact OS from the screen is to have a look at the notification area. Yeah, the notification are may betray you.

But it isn’t an issue as anyone can tell the OS by looking at the body of the device itself. What we do here is replicating the software part of iPhone.

When you drag and drop an icon over another, it will convert itself into a folder. And, tapping for long on the home screen brings up the additional options settings, using which you can change the look and feel of the interface.

One Launcher not only copies the interface but the lock screen too.

Download One Launcher from Play Store

Tip: You should try some of these best free wallpapers apps for android phone.

3. iLauncher – OS 9

iphone launchers for android

The name says it all; iLauncher. As the name says this iPhone Launcher for Android replicates iOS 9.

I have already told you the biggest feature of iPhones. Some people consider it as a blessing but some thinks it to be a curse. Whatever be it, iPhone lacks an app drawer. Hence, this launcher here also lacks one. In order to open applications, you don’t have to press on the app drawer. Every single application is arranged on the home screen itself.

Deleting and moving the applications have been simplified and is similar as that of real iOS. Moreover, it gives you tons of customization options. There are different desktop grid styles available. In case you want to control scrolling speed, it can be done as well. Just like on the native Android launcher, iLauncher allows infinite scrolling too.

One of the best features I found on this Android iPhone launcher is the gesture support. You can setup specific actions for different gestures manually. The gestures should be done on the home screen.

Can you guess the size of this application?

2 MB!

Yeah, you read it just right! It weighs only 2 megabytes. And, you won’t have to wait so long to get it installed.

Download iLauncher – OS 9 from Play Store

4. Pro 8 Launcher

best iphone launcher for android

Next up in this list of best iPhone launchers for Android is Pro 8 Launcher. Though they don’t officially claim to be an iOS clone, you can find some traits of iOS on it.

The beautiful lock screen with PIN is the very first thing I want to point out. Pro 8 Launcher outclasses every single launcher when it comes to the lock screen.

You can’t find app drawer on this one as well. The icons are available in HD quality. And, you can download this for free from Play Store. Unlike some applications, it doesn’t disturb you with popups or advertisements.

Download Pro 8 Launcher from Play Store

Wrapping Up

I hope you chose one iPhone launcher for Android from the list I have given above.

Of course, there are some more. But I felt these four deserve the top positions. If you encounter any issues in installing or operating with these launchers, don’t hesitate to reach out to me using the comment section down below. I will be more than glad to help you out.

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