Top 5 Portable Affordable Bluetooth Speaker With Amazing Sounds

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Bluetooth Speakers are wireless speakers that are becoming more and more popular among mobile users. This is because they are easy to connect as they do not require any cable, external power and are portable to carry around. You can also connect portable Bluetooth speakers to your laptop or PC using a Bluetooth dongle. They are perfect companion if you need on-the-go speakers that can be turned ON instantly anytime at any place. I have previous written some useful posts on speakers which you can find below.

Advantages of Bluetooth Speakers

Here are the various advantages of getting a Bluetooth portable speaker for listening music.

Portable – These Bluetooth speakers are easier to carry around anywhere. This is because they are generally small in size and do not need any cables or adapters for their use.

Hassle Free – Bluetooth speakers do not require any cables because they can be connected to your smartphone or laptop using Bluetooth.

Self Powered – These speakers come with battery and you don’t need an external power source to make them work. Also for charging you can charge these Bluetooth speakers with your smartphone charging cable using USB wall charger or power bank.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Speakers

Here are some of the disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers.

Battery Life – The battery of these speakers may run out after some hours of listening and their charging does take time. Also if the battery wears out then you may face problems in replacing it with a newer one. So for prolonged usage they are not a good choice and for this you can invest in a good USB powered speakers.

Connectivity Issues – Bluetooth connectivity can get disrupted during times and this can spoil your music experience.

Top 5 Portable Affordable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers With Amazing Sound

Here are the best budget portable Bluetooth speakers from the Fenda brand.. You can use these  F&D portable Bluetooth speakers with smartphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks or Bluetooth supported music player.

1. F&D W5 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to music with an amazing sound by purchasing this Bluetooth Speaker that comes from the house of F&D. It is compatible with mobile phones, MP3, iPhone and iPod. This Bluetooth speaker is not only slim in design but is also light in weight and can be carried easily. Its 3.81 centimetres full range neodymium driver will lend a crystal clear and natural sound. Its powerful li ion battery will help you to use your favourite device for a long time. A company which is known to provide fine pieces of electronic products since its inception, will not let you down if you choose this wonderful gift for yourself

F&D W5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 5+ Hour Playtime & Water-Proof

Adapt to Bluetooth Devices & Supports Multiple Input Sources including Bluetooth, TF card, and 3.5mm AUX inpu. Neodymium 1.5″ full range driver creates outstanding and natural sound quality.
Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy music wirelessly for over 5 hours anywhere you go
Water-Proof Structure: Anti-water design enables the speaker to be used in a shower room or outdoors on a raining day
Excellent sound & Bass makes you enjoy HIGH CLARITY and powerful sound in all audio ranges / Easy to Carry / Gift box packaging with big transparent window.



2. F&D W7 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Wireless Bluetooth audio streaming
  • 2.5-inch full range neodymium driver
  • Bluetooth mode, aux mode and TF mode

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    3. F&D W30 Blade Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

    Get music wherever you go no matter what. Now you can raise the roof with the powerful F&D W30 Black Slim Portable Bluetooth Speaker and you can literally rock out everywhere with this small thunderous beast at the palm of your hand.
    Get amazingly rich sound from this surprisingly small and ball shaped portable speaker. This black ultra-chic speaker is built in such a manner that it would easily fit into the palm of your hand which makes it easy to carry or pack anywhere without taking much space. With dimensions of 65mm x 67.6mm x 65mm (W x H x D), this model is fairly lighter than most of its counterparts.
    Bluetooth Connectivity
    Equipped with the very latest in Bluetooth technology F&D W30 Black Slim Portable Bluetooth Speaker features all the cutting edge Bluetooth capabilities such as NFC and incoming call handling. Now you don’t need to worry about all the additional wires dangling around your speaker. The SRS-BTV5 also comes with an auxiliary cable that’s compatible with non-Bluetooth equipped audio devices.
    USB Port
    W30 Black Slim Portable Bluetooth Speaker has one USB out port which can be used to charge the speaker whenever the battery runs low. One micro USB cable is included in the Sales package. It also includes one Audio-in (Stereo Mini Jack).
    NFC Connectivity
    With the latest NFC connectivity, pairing devices to this speaker just gets all the more easier. If anyone wants to play their music on this speaker as well all they need to do is touch the NFC enabled mobile phone to this speaker and voila. One touch music at your fingertips.
    Power and battery Life
    This speaker has Lithium-Ion battery when operated runs for a maximum of 5 hours on one charge. And even when you do run out of charge, it just minimum watts to get recharged and it is ready to roar. The product can be charged with a micro USB cable which is included in the Sales package.
    Surround Sound and Sound Quality
    Equipped with 360° circle sound technology one can expect an even distribution of any sound with the use of spherical ball design and diffuser arrangement.
    Receive Incoming Calls
    Ever wondered what might happen when you miss that important call while being so drowned listening to your favourite artist. Do not fear. F&D W30 Black Slim Portable Bluetooth Speaker. There is a call end and a call answer on the speaker itself which will enable you to even have a hand free conversation via the speaker!



    4. F&D W4 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    • Mini design, lightweight and easy to carry
    • Wireless Bluetooth audio streaming
    • 1.5 inches full range neodymium driver
    • 360 degrees sound field
    • With bottom radiator design for springy bass
    • Low battery and charging indication.



    W4 webpage 0002W4 webpage 0003W4 webpage 0004W4 webpage 0005W4 webpage 0006W4 webpage 0007W4 webpage 0008W4 webpage 0010W4 webpage 0011




5. F&D W12 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Wireless Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Water-proof design
  • 1.75 inches full range neodymium driver
  • Natural and powerful sound
  • With passive radiator design for springy bass
  • Connects to any music device using a 3.5mm aux input
Internal Li-ion Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy music wirelessly for over 5 hours anywhere you go
Portable Stereo Design: Stereo Design with 2 cute handles makes you carry around the speaker conveniently and easily
Simple & Elegant Design: Embossed design with a matt rubber coating shows a classic and elegant style
Neodymium Driver: 1.75 inch full range driver creates outstanding and natural sound quality
Excellent Sound & Bass: Passive radiator design for springy bass makes you enjoy high clarity and powerful sound in all audio ranges
Water-Proof Structure: Anti water design enables the speaker to be used in a shower room or outdoors on a raining day
Adapt to Bluetooth Devices: Wireless Bluetooth audio streaming, free from cables.

Bundled with a free sony stereo headphones.

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Well I have listed down the best portable  affordable Bluetooth speakers that you can use it with your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. These speakers have small form factor but packs some punch and can be ideal for a small party or personal listening. If you have any confusion on which compact Bluetooth speaker to buy then you can ask me by leaving a comment below.


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