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F&D F2300X 5.1 Subwoofer Bluetooth Home Audio System + Sony Deep Bass Stereo Headphone – Bundle

Better home theater experience is here with the F&D F2300X 5.1 home theater with Bluetooth Speaker. Don’t stick your speakers to a single place and now move on with the wireless facility. Simply connect to your speaker from anywhere. The speaker has excellent design as well as hard built quality. The speaker is compact in size. This is a 65W output 5.1 channel Bluetooth home theater speaker. Getting into the review of the F&D F2300X speaker.

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Top 5 Portable Affordable Bluetooth Speaker With Amazing Sounds

Bluetooth Speakers are wireless speakers that are becoming more and more popular among mobile users. This is because they are easy to connect as they do not require any cable, external power and are portable to carry around. You can also connect portable Bluetooth speakers to your laptop or PC using a Bluetooth dongle. They are perfect companion if you need on-the-go speakers that can be turned ON instantly anytime at any place. I have previous written some useful posts on speakers which you can find below.

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F&D T-60X Floor Standing Home Theatre Speaker + Sony Deep Bass Stereo Headphone – Bundle

Today we have F&D T60X Tower speakers, this is an incredible budget speaker with an amazing audio quality. If you are hunting for a good quality home audio speaker I would say that this bad boy is one for you and you should give it a try for just  63,300 with a free Sony stereo headphones. Now Let’s check out a Detailed review of this awesome speaker.

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F&D T200X Bluetooth Multimedia TV Speaker 2.1 + Sony Stereo Headphone – Bundle

The F&D T-200X is one of the high-end luxurious home speaker you need to buy immediately.The speakers has excellent design combined with blinking LED backlights on the woofer which kind of looks nice. This is a 70W output speaker cost only ₦62,800.00. lets dive in for the review of the F&D 2.1 home speaker below.

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F&D E200 Mini-Sound Bar Laptop Speaker + Sony Deep Bass Stereo Headphone – Bundle

Get hooked and addicted to high definition sound quality with the F&D E200 Soundbar. This speaker comes with exciting features such as 1 year warranty, single channel output and much more at just N16,500.


F&D E200 Soundbar is a bit long but it is portable enough to carry around with you. The speaker weighs less than a kilo and has great design & stylish looks. The construction quality of this portable soundbar is very good and it feels solid at all angles. The two stands at the bottom have rubber pads which prevents it from slipping and gives the soundbar a firm grip on the surface.


Sound Output & Performance

This is a 2.1 channel soundbar that has 2-inch drivers which produces a total RMS Output of 3W. The sound quality is excellent and the speakers are pretty loud too. The bass is decent & sufficient and not too deep which you found in the speakers having a separate subwoofer unit. This soundbar is great for listening music and watching movies as this speaker produces crystal clear vocals. The sound quality of this soundbar does not distort even on full volume which shows the high quality of its speakers. You can use this sound bar with laptop, desktop PC, mobile phone, TV, mp3 player, audio player or anything having a 3.5mm jack.

Features & Connectivity

This soundbar has a standard USB connector which you can plug-in your computer USB port, power adaptor or power bank. There is a ring of red LED light around the volume control knob which glows when you plug-in the USB connector in the power source. The soundbar has a standard 3.5mm jack input cable that you can insert in your computer, mobile phone, music player etc. for music playback.


There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack where you can plug-in your headphone or earphone for listening music privately. There is no FM or Bluetooth connectivity in this soundbar. If you want Bluetooth connectivity then you can buy its higher model which is F&D E200 Plus.


Sound Quality

The F&D E200 Soundbar has a 2.1 channel output which offers you one of the best sound qualities in its range. You can connect this speaker to a wide range of devices and enjoy hours of high definition music.

Place the E200 on your TV table to hear what’s happening on the news clearly.
Specially Designed Sound

Integrated with this 2.0 speaker is a passive radiator which ensures that you feel the bass’ thump from your favourite hip hop tracks.

Powerful and User-friendly

The E200 produces sounds at a maximum output level of 3 watts, so tunes will be more than just audible. You can power this speaker with a USB cable or with the 5V external adapter. Adjust the volume by turning the volume knob on the side of this soundbar.

Easy to Pack In

Thanks to its compact, ergonomic design, you can toss the E200 into your bag while travelling to carry it with ease.

Headphone Jack

Use the headphone jack to listen to metal music without troubling the pop crowd that surrounds you.

F&D E200 Soundbar Specifications

Here are the complete specifications of F&D E200 Soundbar from Fenda Audio.

F&D E200 Sound bar Specifications
Dimensions 410×71×67mm
Output (RMS) 3W (total), 1.5W x 2 (2-inch drivers)
Frequency Response 100Hz to 20kHz
Features & Ports 3.5mm jack cable, headphone jack for earphones/headphones, volume control knob with red LED light as power indicator, standard USB connector for power
Power requirement 5V DC from Computer USB port or USB Adapter / Charger
Price: N16,500 Check here TO BUY ONLINE

Key Features

  • Comes with a free Sony Stereo Headphones
  • Easy to Pack In
  • Headphone Jack
  • Powerful and User-friendly

The F&D E200 Soundbar has a stylish and elegant design. The design of this speaker is not only a beauty on its own but also enhances the looks of its surroundings. Keeping this speaker in your room will make your room look more elegant and classy.

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Why You Should Buy The JBL Charge 2 + Plus Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL charge 2 plus portable Bluetooth speaker seems, at first glance, like an unnecessary gadget. If you already have nice surround setup at home or a solid pair of over-the-ear headphones, you might ask yourself in what situations you’d even use a Bluetooth speaker? It turns out the answer is everywhere, all of the time. Portable Bluetooth speakers have shed the crummy sound, abysmal battery life, and lackluster design of past models. The Jbl charge 2 plus can transform any situation the beach, living room, kitchen, and, yes, even the shower — into a surprisingly good music experience. And once you start bringing music with you wherever you go, it’s hard to stop.

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Your Living Room Needs: F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Sound Bar

When it comes to use speakers with TV or music system, people usually think about the usual 5.1 speakers. But now manufacturers are being creative and coming out with new shapes and size of speakers. Recently we had the opportunity to try the Fenda Audio’s, popularly known as F&D, T-180BT soundbar.

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A Must Buy: F&D E200 Plus Bluetooth Soundbar

Ambience the music listening experience with New F&D E200 Plus Bluetooth Soundbar by on touch. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, the soundbar lets you wirelessly pair your tablet or smartphone to play music. F&D E200 Plus delivers superior sound quality that is sure to enhance your music listening experience. It has a compact and lightweight design that … Read more

Cheap Portable Speakers: F&D E200 Soundbar Review

Few days back I was looking for good USB powered portable speakers for my laptop as the inbuilt speakers of my laptop are not that loud enough. After searching for some time I noticed the F&D E200 Soundbar which grabs my full attention. This is because it was in my budget, looks portable, is USB powered, looks stylish and has got good positive reviews on the internet.

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