Top 5 Battery Saver Apps for Android

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Battery saver apps help you manage your device battery life and extend it significantly. These tools are designed to manage all battery draining functions on your device efficiently. Using these tools, you can extend your battery life to perform numerous useful tasks. Let’s discuss top 5 battery saver apps for Android in this article.

Battery Doctor: This smart battery saver app helps you extend your battery life seamlessly. Its 1-tap power optimization feature helps you stop all power-draining apps from running. You can use charge master to monitor charging status. It gives complete control over power-draining apps and helps you stop top power consuming apps. Using this tool, you can decide how long your battery will last under different situations like playing games, Wi-Fi etc. It offers a convenient power-saving widget to quickly access to power related system settings (Wi-Fi, data, brightness etc.)



DU Battery Saver: This free battery saving tool helps you run your battery last longer. Used by millions of users around the world the app offers smart pre-set battery power management modes, healthy battery charger stage features, one-touch controls and much more to solve battery problems and extend its life. It offers one-click optimization to instantly find and fix battery power consumption problems. It offers phone cooler feature to systematically monitor, manage and disable CPU-intensive apps to protect your hardware.



Its 4X1 Task Killer widget helps you manage Data, Wi-Fi, Brightness etc. It monitors power consumption of running apps and displays details in app manager, battery monitor etc.  Du Battery Saver & Battery Monitor widget helps you protect against poor charging, battery hogging apps, and other issues.

Avast Battery Saver: Avast Battery Saver helps you extend your battery life by stopping all unnecessary apps and optimizing your device settings. This way it helps you squeeze up to 20% more life from your battery. To stop all unnecessary apps press “Stop Apps” feature. It works on adaptive energy estimate function help you to know how much life you have left in your device battery. You can activate pre-configured profiles to optimize phone’s settings to fit into the environment.


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You can plan when to charge your phone as per your phone usage. Here, you can select from 5 profiles, Smart, Work, Home, Night and Emergency. The app will send you alerts to switch to a different profile based on your activity on device and battery level.

Fast Charger and Battery Saver 2017: This powerful Android battery saver app works as a power manager for your device. It automatically activates when you connect charger and helps you boost your charging speed. It helps you boost battery charging speed by 30 – 40%. It offers one-tap battery optimizer to help you close all unnecessary apps running in the background. It works as a memory cleaner and app booster by closing all apps in the background.


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You can put your phone into Sleep Mode when not in use. Its remaining Time Tracker feature display remaining time limit for Talk Time, Standby, Game, Audio Playback, Movie Playback, Web Surfing and for reading. It also displays battery life level I percent in status bar. Use its power doctor widget to turn on or off various functions from home screen widget.

Comodo Battery Saver: Comodo battery saver helps you run your battery last longer and slashes how often you need to put it on charge. Its energy saving tweaks and intelligent optimization feature automatically apply when your battery moves towards exhaustion. It lets you quickly move between power saving modes to disable power-hungry apps with a single tap. It also generates alerts for different conditions like when your battery needs to be unplugged from charger etc.


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Its intelligent save feature automatically switch between normal to economy mode when the device battery power reaches low levels. Using power profiles, you can create custom profiles to fit into precise needs of your device usage patterns. You can quickly enable or disable different features with a single tap to extend battery life. It displays utilization stats to see battery usage statistics.

You can use these battery saver apps for improved Android performance. Using these tools, you can perform numerous tasks seamlessly. It even helps you make your device run last longer to perform many tasks efficiently.

Summary: Battery saver apps you extend your device battery life seamlessly. It helps you perform different tasks for longer time. Let’s discuss top 5 battery saver apps for Android in this article.


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