F&D T-60X Floor Standing Home Theatre Speaker + Sony Deep Bass Stereo Headphone – Bundle

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Today we have F&D T60X Tower speakers, this is an incredible budget speaker with an amazing audio quality. If you are hunting for a good quality home audio speaker I would say that this bad boy is one for you and you should give it a try for just  63,300 with a free Sony stereo headphones. Now Let’s check out a Detailed review of this awesome speaker.


The F&D T60X are the massive Tower speakers. The box comes with speakers and RCA to RCA cable, a 3.5mm audio jack, remote control, operation manual, connection cable and a wireless Mic for karaoke function. The speakers are approximately 2.8 feet height. It has a nice wooden housing.  The texture is really good and feels solid. On the front, it has a LED display that shows the input, song you are in and some basic info. Coming to sides we have the power button, Bluetooth button, the source button which is used to switch between different sources.

It also has a play/pause buttons, UDB slots volume up/down buttons. On the back, it has a digital optic port and some other basic buttons and ports.  On the top, it has the NFC. The device is definitely a good by its looks. The best thing about the design is it got the NFC feature which is really great and easy to connect. The dimensions of the satellite are 115 x 176 x 104mm and the dimensions of the subwoofer are 195 x 296 x 260mm.


The F&D T60X Tower Speaker has some interesting features and jumping into the specs, it comes with an 8-inch subwoofer, a 4-inch woofer, and 1-inch tweeters. It has a LED display. The power output of the speaker is 110Wattseach giving 55 watts output. It is compatible with DVD, TV or Mobile Devices. The power source of the device is AC adapter. Built in radio is available. A remote control is available for great control on volumes. Provided with connectivities such as Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and FM tuner. It is also availed with optical fiber port. The device supports Bluetooth. And also has NFC feature.


Talking about the positives, it starts with the design, it is sleek it is elegant and it is quite compact. It does not occupy much space. It comes in this nice black color giving a tough look. Each of the Tower speakers is 55W and making it overall an 110 watts. And the best part it has tweeters. The next thing is the audio quality, it is excellent the music is rich and the bass is perfect.

F&D T60X is an extraordinary speaker. It looks fabulous. The device is strong enough. It got all the features and is a perfect speaker. It has an inbuilt radio so you can listen to radio stations and store up to 100 stations. Finally, it has this karaoke function and comes with a wireless one. That is really an impressive one because you love singing, go ahead and give it a shot. You will definitely love it. Talking about the negatives the pricing could have been a little bit less. The next thing is the remote, at times it has issues with connecting the device because when I use it in a little low range it is not able to recognize properly but it’s a random problem.


  • Best audio experience
  • Fabulous design
  • Karaoke


  •  Average remote control with connectivity issues


Get great connectivity’s like NFC and Bluetooth without moving from your sofa with this F&D T60X Tower speaker. The speaker is available at a price of  63,300 online.


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