Top 5 Reasons why you should Use OneNote

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One NteThe Microsoft OneNote is a programme that was developed to make it possible for users to have a central hub for all their documents and files. It is oftentimes saved in a network and is always available to the user anywhere and anytime. The caveat here is that people must be connected to the internet for this programme to be effective., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares five reasons why you should use OneNote.

Take classroom notes

There is no need to take books and biros to classes any longer because with OneNote, you can takes notes if you are connected to the internet. In fact, the notes taken can be shared and accessed by your course mates who are within the network.

Serve as Backup

This is a unique feature of OneNote. Since all your files are on a network, you do not need to worry about them if your system inadvertently crashes. In addition, you do not need to backup with a hard drive or a flash drive. What you need to do is login to OneNote with your username and password, and you will have access to the files you saved in the note.

Record Audio and Video

This is another exciting feature that makes OneNote attractive to many users. You can record audio or video with it during a meeting or a conference as well as in a classroom. Your computer microphone must be on to make this recording possible.

Simple to use

OneNote is a digital notebook that can be used by anyone as far as they have internet access. It is simple, and less complicated compared to other digital notetaking platforms like Evernote and Google Doc.

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