Twitter Now Allows You Send Direct Message From Any Website

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Twitter few days ago launched a new feature that continues to extend its reach beyond the service’s apps. The company today introduced a new button for websites that’ll allow site visitors to message administrators and customer support representatives through Twitter’s Direct Messages capability.

As part of its strategy around live conversations, the creation of a website button is another step in the direction of showing why Twitter should be relevant in everyday issues. But Twitter is not the first to think about this other services in the space include Intercom and Zendesk. Even Facebook has been exploring the inclusion of call-to-action buttons to communicate with businesses directly.

How It Works:

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In order for this button to work, the business will need to modify its Twitter account setting to receive direct messages from anyone. From here, they can embed the new message button on their site after configuring it with the right Twitter handle and user ID.

Where this will come in handy is in customer service, especially if you’re trying to buy something or have questions.

Years ago, the direct message route may not have been feasible because of its 140-character restriction. After all, if a customer has a complaint, they’re not going to endure having to compose numerous messages just to be heard  they just want to air their grievances or thoughts. Fortunately Twitter has since modified the limit to 10,000 characters.


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