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Ever made a call to a friend from an unknown number with an altered voice, so as to prank them? Well, we have all been there and to be honest, not all of us succeeded at this prank. Well, that’s because not everyone can bring out different voices with ease.

However, for people unaware, there are a number of decent voice changer apps available both for Android and iOS. These apps will not only serve to whet your prank appetite but they can also be used to create some hilarious moments.

 While the Play Store and App Store feature a number of voice changer apps, not all of them are worth downloading.

1. Celebrity Voice Changer

If you love a celebrity’s voice and you’ve always wished to say some fun things in your favorite celeb’s voice, well, Celebrity Voice Changer app gives you that option. The app lets you parody a number of celebrities along with much-loved characters like Heisenberg, Hodor, Magneto among other real and movie/TV personalities. You can speak in their voice and if it sounds too much fun, you can download the audio clip or share it. While the app already includes a ton of different celebrity voices, you can request some more.

Install: Android, iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

2. Voice Changer with Effects

Want Batman’s deep voice or Optimus Prime’s cool roboty voice? Well, the Voice Changer with Effects app has you covered. The app brings a plethora of effects that you can try out. There are some cool and out of the world effects like extraterrestrial, cathedral, the dark side, zombie and more. You can record a cool new audio with one of the effects and then share it, save it or even set it as ringtone. If you are like us, you have been looking for a voice changer app just to say “I’m Batman!” and if that’s true, install this app now.

Install: Android (Free with in-app purchases)

3. Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus is another super cool voice changer app. First, you get to choose from a number of sound effects like echo, robot, mosquito, DJ, scary place etc. Moreover, it also includes a “Bane” effect for all you TDKR fans. The app lets you import recorded clips or share them wherever you want. That’s not all, you can even trim clips to make things shorter and more fun. The app is available in a free version but the paid version brings the ability to trim audio, make ringtones, add your photos to videos and removes ads.

Install: iOS (Free with $2.99 for Full version)

4. Best Voice Changer

Ignoring the name, the Best Voice Changer app is a pretty decent app. Unlike most other apps in this list, it’s a completely free app and it lets you use your own music or audio files to change their voices. So, you can even add your favorite tracks or voices from your friends or family members and have fun. Like any other voice changer app, it features a number of cool effects like drunk, robot, monster, the smurfs, god of death etc.

Install: Android (Free)

5. Voice Changer Androbaby

That’s not what it’s called but considering most voice changer apps are dubbed as “Voice Changer” on the Play Store, we had to find out ways to differentiate their names. Now, coming to the app, it’s a simple voice changer app that you should like if you like clean looking apps. You can just record your audio, apply from the effects list featuring lazy, monster, echo, trembling, bee, kid, smurf etc. and share it wherever you want. The app lacks any additional features and that can be a good thing or bad, depending upon what you might be looking for.

Install: Android (Free with in-app purchases)

6. Voice Changer YalingTu

Another voice changer app that’s just known as Voice Changer but it does bring in some cool features to keep you interested. The app brings the most modern interface, when you compare to other apps and while it brings only a few effects in its free version, you can make in-app purchases for echo effects and multi-track effects. As you might have guessed, the app lets you add multiple effects on a voice. For instance, you can add a voice effect, plus a background environmental sound for a better effect.

Install: iOS (Free with in-app purchases)


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