What is QA, and how can it Help You?

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While you might think that QA stands for questions and answers, it also means something else entirely. The abbreviation QA stands for quality assurance. If you think about it, everything in your life could use quality assurance, but QA testers have a specific set of skills.

Many Software Testing companies provide fantastic QA services for your business and are professional, and OnPath Testing is one of them. Such companies are also able to respond to many doubts while solving various issues during your software developmental stages.

But what is QA, and how can it help businesses? This article discusses the basics of QA.

What is QA?

QA comes under the broad umbrella of Software Testing. In it, QC (Quality Control) and Testing are included. With QA, software professionals will take a look at the software to determine a few things.

They want to make sure that the implementation of processes and procedures are correct and that the development of the software is for its intended purpose. Engineers must establish and maintain various requirements to develop products. Their goal is to increase the confidence that customers have on a company and improve or maintain a business’s reputation.

While this practice initially started in manufacturing, it has spread to various other industries as well. Generally speaking, QA uses one of three methods: Failure Testing, Statistical Process Control (SPC), or Total Quality Management (TQM). Each method has its pros and cons throughout its usage.

QC, on the other hand, is more of testing and looking to identify bugs and any errors. This process is seen as the more corrective one. Testing is what it sounds like; testing the software for any issues and marking them down to be resolved later.

Why do you need QA?

From developing anything from software to an app for mobile usage, QA services are important. QA services are always compared to preventative health care. If one visits a doctor regularly, the doctor is more likely to identify any health issues he may have in the beginning stages itself.

Most of the time, they have a short checklist to go through, which includes implementing quality management processing, creating reports on project status, performing process compliance reviews, and creating process training.

It’s a very detailed process. QA engineers make sure that there are a few defects and issues as possible before the software enters the Testing phase. They are a crucial part of development as they can find potential issues and prevent them before they arise for your testers.

While QA engineers are not cheap, they’re much less expensive than having to come back at a much later date and attempt to solve all of the bugs and defects. These kinds of delays are frustrating, as they could have been fixed the first time around. High-quality services will make sure the product is in top shape before going onto the next stages and, finally, to the release phase. OnPath Testing is one of the companies offering such services.

Should you use QA services?

Without a doubt, yes, QA services are essential. In the development of any software, the software needs to go through the QA process. While it’s good to be confident in your abilities, you don’t want to become too confident and think that you won’t need this process.


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